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Llama Llama Partyrama Party Planning, Ideas & Supplies

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Featured Llama Llama Party Planning Ideas and Supplies – Prime Party (Also available on Amazon)

Have you noticed llamas are everywhere this year? According to Refinery29, “Apparently, Llamas Are The New Unicorns.” Endorsed by Chrissy Teigen and tons of Pinterest pinners, llamas are the trendiest cutesy creature around. So why not jump on the bandwagon and host a colorful, fun, and yes, on trend, Llama Llama Partyrama party for your little one's next birthday.

Llama Llama Party Planning, Ideas & Supplies

A little background

Based on the books by Anna Dewdney, this animated Netflix television series (also available to stream on Amazon Prime Video) follows Llama Llama, who while creating childhood memories learns about fun, friendship and conquering new challenges with the support of his Mama Llama (voiced by Jennifer Garner).

Llama Llama Partyrama Birthday Party

Llama Llama Partyrama Party Planning Ideas and Supplies

Llama Llama Party Planning Ideas and Supplies – Prime Party (Also available on Amazon)

What Do I Need For The Party?

Party Idea Pros has an “old fashion” approach to kids’ parties. We say keep them small, keep them short, and keep them simple. We love hula hoops, beach balls,, crayons, washable markers, glue sticks, and musical instruments. Generally, the number of guest should equal the age of the birthday child, but don’t obsess if you are a few over or under — it is not worth the hurt feelings for an extra child or even two. Never, ever deliver invitations at school, unless every single child is invited!!!!! Skip the jumpies and the pony rides.

For a great Llama Llama Partyrama children's birthday party there are only a few essentials:

Llama Llama Partyrama Invitations

Choose a fun, theme specific invitation. Even before the party begins invitations create a sense of anticipation. Think of all the time your own child spends looking at those invitations on your refrigerator.

Llama Party Invitations

Birthday  Party Invitations. (And yes, we could not help ourselves. We had to throw in a few llama mama baby shower invitations too – such a cute baby shower theme!)

And we even found this llama mama baby shower Evite you can either email or text to your guests or if you prefer to print it, you can do that too! So many cute options.

 Llama Llama Partyrama Paper Goods

Make party planning a little easier on yourself. Rather than running around town searching for the perfect paper goods, order llama themed paper goods  online directly from Prime Party and have them delivered directly to your front door! (also available on Amazon). 

 Llama Llama Party Decor

Create a fun themed centerpiece by adding a cluster or two of latex balloons mixed with some fabulous llama -shaped mylar balloons attached to a Table Top Number Cut Out (Please be especially careful of latex balloons if you have very young children present.) . 

Llama Llama Fun Party Food

For the food – keep it simple. Serve llama food! Think veggies including carrots, cucumbers and even lettuce wraps. Cut sandwiches and fruit into llama or cactus shapes with llama and cactus cookie cutters We even found darling llama themed fruit juice pouches and fruit snacks. Now add playful llama straws. And for dessert serve a beautifully decorated birthday cake or keep it simpler and add a pretty lllama cake topper.

How cute would it be to display all your food under a Llama Llama PartyRama Tabletop Awning!

New! And oh so fun!!!

Take your Llama Party to the next level with a DIY cookie or cupcake decorating kit!

 Party Games & Activities

Plan five activities: 1. A “doing” activity such as playing hide & seek, embarking on a Llama Llama scavenger hunt, or playing pin the tail on the llama.  2. A craft activity such as creating a llama mask  and then posing in front of the life size standee for a quick photo app or even decorating llama cookies (again use the llama shaped cookie cutters). 3. A game or physical activity like, “llama races,” ” or even keep the beach ball in the air to go with the Llama Llama Sand & Sun book. 4. To begin to wind down, think about adding a 10 minute storytime. Alternatively, start with a storytime thereby setting the tone for the rest of the afternoon. 5. And finally, to end the party, guests can earn a prize in the Sur-Prize Punch Party Game or they can take a shot at breaking the llama piñata.

As the kids get older, the same activities work just make them more complex. And maybe add a competitive team component.

Llama Llama in Red Pajamas Plush Toy

Llama Llama in Red Pajamas Plush Toy for scavenger hunt.

Llama Llama Partyrama Life Size Standees

Llama Llama Partyrama Life Size Standees

Llama Llama Books by Anna Dewdney

Read a Llama Llama Book by Anna Dewdney

And LulaFlora maker of The Original Mini Piñata and one of our all time favorite Etsy sellers,  now makes mini llama pinatas!!! They make for adorable party decor and, of course, are perfect party favors!

Party Pretty!

Don't obsess over your child's birthday outfit. A darling t-shirt doubles as an outfit and a pre-party present.

Better yet, how about some red pajamas for the whole family! You can even wear them again at Christmas, Valentine's Day and any patriotic holiday.

 Family Matching Red Footed Pajamas Matching Family Red Pajamas

Matching Family Red Pajamas | Red Footed Family Matching Fleece Pajamas | Not pictured >> Classic Cotton Organic Red Striped Matching Family Pajamas

Still not sure about the Llama Llama Partyrama party theme? Check out some of our other children's favorite character party themes or even our animal themed parties.

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Party Hearty!

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