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Hi I am Marcia. Yes, there is a face behind the name.  And yes, I am a professional party planner.  For the past 25 years, my business has been producing events with attendance ranging from 15,000 professionals to small, intimate gatherings. We have produced vibrant trade shows, successful fundraisers, birthday parties for celebrants of all ages, weddings, baby showers, and intimate dinner parties.

My sister, Carole, was the inspiration for this website.  She lives in Atlanta and I live in San Diego.  When it came time to plan her first Bat Mitzvah, she felt lost.  Like most working moms, every minute of every day was filled.  She had no particular interest, talent, or time for party planning, yet she had an important life cycle event approaching which included hosting 50 out of town guests and another 75 locals over the course of a weekend.  Carole’s budget, although more than adequate to host a lovely weekend, would not have been sufficient to create the celebration she dreamed about plus, hire a party planner.  I was surprised to discover there was no one, easy to use, professional website that compiled the best of the best party planning tips, ideas, and supplies into easy to execute party packages.  Hence, was born.

If you would like Party Idea Pros to create a new theme packet for an event you are planning, just email us with your idea and the date of your event.  We will try our best to accommodate all requests but please allow a minimum of three weeks before the theme package is available online.

Over years, quite a few of you have asked “how and why do you offer your party planning packages free to your visitors?”  Our answer: basically, has been fortunate enough to develop relationships with some incredible merchants and out of these relationships we have been able to established affiliate partnerships and/or other material relationships.  This means that many of the products and supplies suggested in our posts and party packages qualify to be compensated when visitors to our site click through to a linked merchant with whom we have an affiliate relationship and then purchase a product or service from the partner merchant.  Not to worry, our partnership is completely independent of your relationship with the merchants and rest assured, you never pay a penny more than you would going directly to the merchants.  We really appreciate your loyalty, especially when you come back time and time again, just to help us succeed. For more information about' affiliate relationships and other legal rights and disclaimers, please visit PRIVACY POLICY | TERMS OF USE | DISCLAIMER

Also, we are always looking for great interns with a a chic sense of style, great writing skills, knowledge of social media, and a burning desire to learn the ins and outs of digital marketing.  Email us  a fun cover letter showcasing your writing style, your resume, and a link to your instagram page if you are up for the challenge. 

Please feel free to reach out any time. Just email me [email protected]

Party Hearty!

xx, Marcia

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