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Our Favorite Jewish New Year Gifts

Our Favorite Jewish New Year Gifts

Today, as we are running around at the last minute searching for a Rosh Hashana dinner host{ess} gift, we realize we should have planned ahead.  Yep, we messed up and ended up buying a boring box of chocolates rather than bringing something truly memorable. So we went back to our earlier Rosh Hashanah post and reminded ourselves just how much we love both of these Nambe Honey Pots and Dippers. They are perfect for Rosh Hashana dinner and equally perfect as a host{ess} gift for Break the Fast.

But Nambe is not the only way to go. We love these custom aprons, platters and challah plates, gift boxes, brownies and chocolates.

Not sure if paper plates generally make for great host{ess} gifts but at least for us, by the time dessert rolls around we know we are definitely ready to switch from our fine china to paper goods, especially plates that are as attractive as these plates. Wrap them up pretty and we promise you they will be much appreciated!

L'Shana Tova!

Party Hearty!

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