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Shopkins Birthday Party Planning Ideas & Supplies

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Shopkins Birthday Party Planning Ideas & Supplies

SHOP ‘TIL YOU DROP Birthday Party!

If your child is bound and determined to collect all of their favorite Shopkins, surprise them with a birthday party featuring a variety of anthropomorphic bakery items, fruit and veg, sweet treats and much more! Poppy Corn, Apple Blossom, Strawberry Kiss and all of their friends can’t wait to help your little one celebrate. So, get started collecting all your Shopkins party supplies! And as always with all children's birthday parties, remember to keep it simple.

Just a quick note on Party Idea Pros approach to children’s parties. 

We have an “old fashion” approach to kids’ parties.  We say keep them small, keep them short, and keep them simple.  We love hula hoopsbeach balls, crayons, washable markers, glue sticks, and musical instruments.  Generally, the number of guests should equal the age of the birthday child, but don’t obsess if you are a few over or under — it is not worth the hurt feelings for an extra child or even two.   Never, ever deliver invitations at school, unless every single child is invited!!!!!   Skip the jumpies and the pony rides.

Shopkins Birthday Party Essentials

Even before the party begins great birthday party invitations create a sense of anticipation. Think of all the times your own child spends looking at those invitations on your refrigerator.

Shopkins Birthday Party Invitations

Shopkins Birthday Party Tableware, Decorations & Supplies

Shopkins Birthday Party Decorations

Shopkins Birthday Party Decorations >> Centerpieces | Banners & Decor | Latex Balloons | Mylar Balloons | Cake Toppers

Shopkins Birthday Party Activities

We recommend planning 4 birthday party activities. 1. a “doing” activity such as a home “Shopkins scavenger hunt” where the party guests search the house for shopkins character 2. a craft activity such as coloring  Shopkins Colouring pages with  shopkins crayons  3. a game activity like Pin the Tail, Bingo or Memory Match. 4. End your party with a chance to break the Piñata. As the kids get older, the same activities work just make them more complex, and add a competitive/team component.

Party Hearty!


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