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Tailgate & Celebrate >> A Football Themed Couples Wedding Shower

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Featured Tailgate & Celebrate >> Game Day is the Best Day

Tailgate & Celebrate >> A Football Themed Couples Wedding Shower

Football season has officially begun. Mike has already added his SEC subscription to his cable package and Daniel has added yet another TV to his man cave. So what is a girl to do if she has her heart set on calendaring a couples wedding shower this fall? Easy – make it a Tailgate & Celebrate football themed couples wedding shower. How fun would that be. Hopefully, you and your friends will not only celebrate your upcoming marriage but will also be able to rejoice in your favorite football team's game day win.

And it really makes no difference if you are a college football fan or prefer professional football, both make for an afternoon of raucous fun. The biggest difference is if the shower works better for you and your guests on a Saturday or Sunday. Some people prefer Saturday because you then have an extra day to recover. Others like Sunday so they have Saturday to prepare.

Tailgate & Celebrate Party  – Choosing a Venue

Step one, choose your venue. You basically have three choices.

  1. You can buy game day football tickets and actually tailgate in the stadium parking lot.
  2. Choose a sports bar and have your guests meet you there. Be sure to coordinate with management so they know to expect a crowd and to have your team's game playing on their tvs.
  3. Tailgate at home. Plan ahead. This might be the perfect time to buy that big screen tv you have always wanted.

Tailgate & Celebrate – Party Invitations

All of these invitations can be personalized for the occasion, the team, and even the team colors!

Tailgate & Celebrate – Party Decor

When hosting a tailgate party, no matter the occasion you are celebrating, food and drink actually become the decor so pay special attention to cocktail napkins, tumblers, and serving containers.

We love these football play coasters but you probably only need them if you are hosting your shower at home.

Tailgate & Celebrate Party – Food & Drink Ideas

Ok – we are obsessed! Did you know that there are special papers called “grub papers” that turn regular paper plates into party plates by keeping bbq and wing sauces and other greasy food juices from soaking through. How perfect for tailgating. Currently Swoozies is carrying grub paper for Alabama, Georgia, Texas, South Carolina and Florida in addition to a generic football field paper.

Or mix and match by putting your hamburgers, BBQ beef sandwiches, and even tacos in these amazing referree grub pouches!

Focusing on all the little details really do matter. We love both of these wooden utensil sets. They are so perfect for a tailgate party.

Bite Me, Pick Me, Fork It Tiny Appetizer Forks
Game On Football Wooden Silverware Kit


Bite Me, Pick Me, Fork It Tiny Appetizer Forks | Game On Football Wooden Silverware Kit

Don't forget a little something sweet (to take the taste away). Plus all of these sweet tailgate treats look as good as they taste!

What is a tailgate party without beer. And what is a wedding shower without personalized can sleeves for your guests to take home and remember the celebration?

Party Hearty!

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