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HOW2 Design Your Own Party Hats

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HOW2 Design Your Own Party Hats

Last week we featured a post on HOW2 create custom paper cups on Zazzle. Well this week we are showing you HOW2 create your own paper hats on Zazzle. As you know, the the whole artisan decor look popularized on sites like Etsy, is not only trending, it is exploding and spreading to what might be considered more main stream retailers. So even if no one ever dons a party hat at your next shindig or celebration, simply having a paper hat sitting at each place setting will enhance the whole look! Plus, you can also use the hats to as photo props to create some adorable memories. Or turn them upside down and fill with popcorn or french fries or just about any other yummy snack food your can imagine.

Or if you are not so into the whole design process, Zazzle offers lots of ready made, customizable designs from which to choose.

We have also found some really adorable paper hats on Beau-coup including some pretty ornate ones for dinosaur parties, knights theme parties, and even hello kitty parties. Aren't these circus theme hats simply darling?

And we are obsessed with these oh so cute woodland animal party hats on Etsy that we are now planning to add all of our woodland animal and fox theme parties!

We would love to see pics of how you used paper hats in your party decor. And , if you end up designing your own hat, please, please send us photos!

Party Hearty!

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