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Summer Barbecue Hot Dog and Burger Condiment Bar

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Featured Image >> Hot Dog and Burger Condiment Bar at Izzy and Zach's Engagement Party.

Summer is upon us which means it's time to spend more time outside! Get ready to fire up the grill since nothing screams summer more than hot dogs and hamburgers with all the fixin's. Elevate a classic barbecue to the next level with a summer barbecue hot dog and burger condiment bar.

Izzy spent the past few weeks planning a birthday barbecue for her boyfriend (now husband) Zach without knowing she was planning their engagement party! Whether you're hosting a casual get together with friends to celebrate the start of summer, a birthday party or even an engagement party, an outdoor barbecue with a hot dog and burger condiment bar is sure to be a crowd pleaser. PartyIdeaPros will show you exactly what Izzy did for their summer barbecue engagement party with images from the event and all the products she included. We will walk you through every step of your of your summer barbecue burger and hot dog condiment bar providing professional recommendation on just about every detail. Party Hearty!

Summer BBQ Condiment Bar Table
Summer BBQ Condiment Bar Toppings
Summer BBQ Condiment Bar Condiments
Summer BBQ Condiment Bar Side Salads
Summer BBQ Drink Table


For an efficient condiment bar make sure you have tables large enough to accommodate all the food, toppings and condiments. Izzy used a beerpong table she had from a football tailgate party and added a gingham fruit tablecloth for this barbecue. PartyIdeaPros tip – measure and mark the sizes for everything on the table with painters tape. Since Izzy measured and staged the table ahead of time, she realized there was not enough room on the table for everything and picked up an extra folding table and tablecloth for a separate drinks table.

Food Coverings

Izzy added an umbrella to cover the food since she was concerned about leaves from the trees falling into the food. She chose a summery lemon printed umbrella to coordinate with the tablecloth and to shade the food from the sun. If you don't have space or the need for an umbrella, food domes or cloches are another route you could take to prevent bugs and other natural elements from contaminating the food. If you do use food domes we recommend a combination of rectangular and round food domes depending on the shape of the platter.

Serving Platters and Servers

Izzy used a mix of simple white serving platters and bowls with printed enamel wood servers and simple wood tongs. Since the charcuterie and crudités were on wood boards, Izzy had simple white marble cheese knives to contrast the wood. We also love the fun Summer Garden Melamine Platter collection from Anthropologie for this theme.

Condiments and Toppings Display

Since the condiments and toppings display is key to take this party from ordinary to swoon worthy, Izzy added a three tiered serving stand filled with toppings to add height and visual interest to the table. Clear squirt bottles for the condiments kept the bar looking clean and streamline without the distraction of different style bottles. The bottles were corralled with a rattan basket to add texture. Izzy used the other two rattan baskets from the basket set to hold buns and utensils. Scalloped labels on all the toppings and condiments made it clear to guests what everything was and added a personal touch leaving party attendees in awe. As a special treat we've linked below the label templates Izzy made for you to download and print!

Drink Table Display

The use of metal and wood textures throughout the party decor started when Izzy needed containers to keep drinks cold. Although any cooler can do the trick, we love how the galvanized metal party tub's subtle wood detail and the wood wine cooler's inner metal lining play off each other's details. Finally, the ice container's combination of metal and wood pulls the drink table display all together. As a result, the mixture of textures on the drink table display set the tone for the rest of the decor to follow.

Paper Goods

For almost all occasions we believe paper goods are more than sufficient for an outdoor barbecue. With so many adorable paper plates and paper good options available today there is no need take on the task of washing every plate after hosting a party. While we are comfortable serving water, beer and even mixed drinks out of cute plastic cups we do draw the line when it comes to wine glasses and believe wine should not be served in plastic. No need to dust off your crystal wine glasses for this occasion – an affordable set of stemless glasses will do the trick just fine!

Charcuterie and Crudités

Izzy normally loves making charcuterie and crudités plates when she hosts small groups. Since she was hosting a larger group she ordered beautiful charcuterie and crudités boards from a local cheese store, Cheese Sommelier to save prep time. If you don't have a local cheese store, you can still order all the ingredients together to keep everything as simple as possible for you.

Charcuterie and Crudités

Final Details

Although she covered almost everything, there were still a few last details that almost slipped Izzy's mind while planning! Make sure you don't forget wireless bluetooth speakers, grill accessories and a trash can. A comprehensive grill accessories set is great for everyone from the most novice grill user to the most seasoned grill master.


As a fashion girl, Izzy made sure to have an outfit ready that aligned with the summer barbecue party theme. For easy breezy summer parties we are obsessed with LoveShackFancy. Since Izzy's signature color is buttercup yellow, it was meant to be that she was already planning to wear a LoveShackFancy buttercup yellow dress featuring pink embroidery for what turned into her engagement party. Equally important, the couple made sure Zach's pink shirt complimented Izzy's buttercup yellow dress. For engagement and wedding related events, we recommend making sure the couple's outfits compliment each other for a cohesive picture.

Izzy and Zach Summer BBQ Engagement Party
Summer BBQ Party Guests

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Party Hearty!

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