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Personalized Halloween Cocktail Napkins

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Trick or Treat Personalized Cocktail Napkins, Personalized Halloween Cocktail Napkins

Personalized Halloween Cocktail Napkins

Personalized Halloween Cocktail Napkins

When we first saw this picture on Tiny Prints instagram, all we could think of is we need to share this modern take on a very classic party idea. Years ago, no self respecting hostess would consider throwing a party without having ordered personalized cocktail napkins.  We find it fascinating that all things from the 1970's are very much back in vogue this year including cocktail napkins. The only difference is that in the day, the graphic was design was usually minimal, maybe a small rose or leaf combined with the guest of honor's name in one of a half dozen or so typography choices. Today, we are privy to fabulous graphics and a whole slew of fonts from which to choose.

Update: Although the featured Tiny Prints Halloween cocktail napkins are no longer available, we think either of these designs from Beau-coup are just as cute!

Zazzle has some great Halloween cocktail napkin designs too and at least today, they are on sale!

And finally, We love Crated's Halloween Party in a Box – all of it. But we are very happy that they also are selling their Black & Gold Let's Party Cocktail Napkins separately.

So here's what we think you should do. It is not too late to organize a couples costume Halloween party or even a Bring Your Pup Howl-O-Ween Bash. You do not need to specify the costume style worn but you can insist that if your guests choose not to wear a  costume, they at least arrive in dressy cocktail attire.  Serve Grasshoppers & Tequila Sunrises, (perfect Halloween cocktails) with these great cocktail napkins. And for the food offer your guests lots of old fashioned appetizers. Think rumaki, swedish meatballs and cheese balls, mini-cocktail glasses filled with hamburger helper, mini quiche and deviled eggs (add black sesame seed or caviar for a modern take).

Party Hearty!

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