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Patriotic Party Supplies & Table Decor

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Featured Image >> Patriotic Party Supplies and Table Decor from Dollar Tree   

Lots of folks host backyard Memorial Day & 4th of July parties. But today we are talking to those of you who are planning block parties, community parades, family reunions, and even patriotic theme wedding celebrations. Although you will find lots of creative ideas to plan your patriotic party from a host of  our previous patriotic party posts, most of the products showcased are available in small quantities. Seldom does a backyard party call for a case of patriotic party supplies that includes 48 patriotic banners or 36 patriotic headband boppers or flip flops. But for bulk purchases, Dollar Tree has you covered!

Patriotic Party Supplies & Table Decor

Patriotic Party Supplies & Decorations

Bulk Patriotic Party Supplies from Dollar Tree

DIY Patriotic Party Decor

Dollar Tree also offers a host of DIY supplies. We highly recommend supplementing your standard commercial products with touches of homemade charm. Think summer luminaries, patriotic wreaths and even centerpieces.

DIY Patriotic Party Supplies & Decor

DIY Patriotic Party Decor >> Centerpieces | Luminaries | Wreaths

We particularly like the centerpieces because not only are they budget friendly, they are so easy to put together.

Here is what you will need to assemble these darling patriotic centerpieces

And here are the easy step-by-step directions to put together your centerpieces

  1. Arrange the patriotic artificial floral Bbushes inside the glass jardin vase.
  2. Fill the remaining space inside the vase with the patriotic necklaces. Allow some necklaces to spill over the top of the vase.
  3. Insert the 3 mini U.S. flags with one on each side, and one in the center/top of floral arrangement.
  4. Tie one of the patriotic bows to a floral stem at the edge of the vase, using the twist tie provided with the bow.
  5. Tie the second patriotic bow to the opposite side of the vase, if desired.

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Party Hearty!

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