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Color-In Kids Thank You Notes

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Color-In Kids Thank You Notes

Tiny Prints >> Color-In Kids Thank You Notes

Color-In Kids Thank You Notes 

How cute are these color-in kids thank you notes from Tiny Prints.  We are huge believers in teaching children from a very young age the importance of communicating gratitude.  In fact, we think the sending of thank you notes, at any age is an etiquette must. (Brides and grooms are you listening? We are still awaiting way too many thank you notes. Although your guests may have a year to send a present, you do not have a year to send out your thank you's. Think a few weeks – a month at the most!)  

One cute way to engrain this very teachable behavior is to start young. Even the youngest children will want to send their thanks with these adorable personalized color-in kids thank you notes.  Our recommendation is that only children who cannot yet read or write be allowed to send the check the box thank you cards. As your children get older, they should be required to learn the art of thank you note writing >> so no more fill in the blank notes for them!

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