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Celebrate College Admission

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Celebrate College Admission

It's Time to Celebrate Your College Admission!

Celebrate College Admission

Finally, after hours and hours spent filling out applications and writing college essays, and then enduring the interminable waiting game, college acceptance (and rejection) letters are beginning to trickle in.  Our advice is simple — toss the rejection letters. And celebrate every acceptance whether it is your first choice school or your safety school!  Celebrate your achievements and the schools who appreciate you! Once you narrow your choices down and ultimately make the final decision as to which school will be the lucky school to include you in their class of 2020, begin wearing your new school colors. Splurge on college gear. Buy college t-shirts and sweatshirts, hats and caps, college pennants, bedding, watches and jewelry, and anything and everything else to proclaim your new college spirit.

Celebrate College Admissions with Campus Gear

College Admissions School Spirit Congratulations Gifts

PartyIdeaPros hands down favorite store for buying college fan gear? Fanatics. So many options from which to choose. Fanatics offers a large selection of licensed merchandise at competitive prices. Buy more. Buy now! As a freshman there is no such thing as too much gear!

College Fraternity and Sorority Gear

Looking for Greek gifts? Etsy stores carry a fabulously diverse selection of fraternity and sorority gear

Congratulations, Party Hearty (and Fight On)!

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