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Host a Twilight Saga Party

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The Twilight Saga

The Twilight Saga Party >> Watch the Complete Collection

Twilight Saga Party

With the vampire ripe holiday of Halloween quickly approaching, we have decided to throw back to one of our original parties, The Twilight Saga Party. Back in the day, ok 2009, we, and much of the country, were very, very into anything and everything Twilight, Bella, Edward and Jacob. Since the Twilight heyday has clearly come and gone and truthfully, there are not that many Twilight related products still available, we have decided to combine all our various Twilight Saga parties into a single post.

Do you not agree, spending this Halloween cuddled on the couch re-watching The Twilight Saga Complete Collection sounds way better than wandering the streets and coming across a creep wearing a scary clown costume

Choose your team …

Team Edward or Team Jacob?

The Twilight Store

THE TWILIGHT SAGA: Breaking Dawn – Trailer

Twilight Basics –The Books, The Movie, & the Soundtrack

Step 1:

If you haven't yet read the books, this is a great time to start .

 Twilight Saga Books

Twilight Saga Books

Step 2:

Watch (or re-watch) the Twilight movies on DVD. Now that we're thinking about it — this might be be the time for a two-part party — a pre movie viewing party on one night and a get ready to go to the movie party the next night.

Twilight Forever- The Complete Saga

Twilight Forever- The Complete SagaDon't Forget the Music!

Twilight Party Invitations

Your invitation is like the title of a paper — it sets the tone and style for the rest of the party.

Twilight Breaking Dawn Party Invitations       Vampire Bloodraiser Invitation

The Twilight Saga  – Invitations | Vampire Bloodraiser

We love the idea of hosting a Twilight movie marathon as a fundraiser for a blood bank, blood related disease, or even endangered species!

 Twilight Wedding Invite Square  Spider Heart Gothic Vampire Invitation I Love Blood Halloween Party Invitations  Werewolf party invitation

Twilight Wedding Invite Square | Spider Heart Gothic Vampire Invitation | I Love Blood Halloween Party Invitations | Werewolf  party invitation

Twilight Paper Goods

Nothing fancy — paper goods are fine.

       Twilight Party Supplies
Twilight Party Supplies

Silver Tableware Party Supplies    Black Velvet Tableware Party Supplies  Burgundy Tableware

 Silver Tableware | Black Tableware | Burgandy  Tableware

Placemats and Table Cloths

Set your table with a black tablecloth, (plastic is fine) and keep it inexpensive by using scrapbook paper to add definition to each place setting.

The Immortal Love Scrapbook Collection

The Immortal Love Paper Collection -12 x 12

This vampire inspired paper collection has a romantic element with blood-red roses, midnight-black flourishes, shadowy forest prints and more. This acid and lignin free collection includes 48 sheets of printed cardstock glitter accents.  Coordinating scrapbook and mounting papers also available just in case you want to use this paper as it is meant to be used — to preserve your memories.

Twilight Party Decor

The Twilight Saga Balloons

Balloons add a little extra  festive pizazz to any party decor.


Twilight Party Balloons 

Crescent Moon Shaped Mylar Balloon | Silver Star Mylar Balloon | Burgandy Balloons |  Silver Balloons | Black Balloons

The Twilight Saga Posters

You get a lot of bang for your buck when you decorate with posters.

Twlight Posters

Twilight Posters 

Twilight Games

 Twilight Board Games

The Twilight Board Games

Amazing Twilight Finds

Twilight Saga Pillowcases

Twilight Saga Pillowcases
The Twilight Pillowcases

Twilight Action Figures

Twilight Action Figures

(and yes, we are proud owners of our very own Edward action figure!)

Apples — Forbidden Love

Apple Brownie Pops      Apple Shape Lollipops

Red & Green Apple Brownie Pops | Apple Shape Lollipops

Give Back

We love parties but we love them even more when the host add a charitable element. How about symbolically adopting a baby vampire bat to commemorate your Twilight celebration.

Adopt a Baby Vampire Bat

Enjoy a safe and fun Halloween!

Party Hearty!

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