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Scariest Clown Costumes

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Featured Scariest Clowns >> Spirit Halloween

How creepy are these costumes and masks!  They have to be amongst the scariest clown costumes for men available.  We now know why our kids were always afraid of clowns.  There is something scarier about evil clown costumes than even the most bloody vampire, werewolf, or badass monster Halloween costumes out there today.

Scariest Clown Costumes

Incredibly Creepy Clown Masks


It looks like our friends over at may have  knocked us off our high perch for the best collection of the Scariest Clown Costumes. Not only are these face shield clown masks downright terrifying, they are lightweight, breathable and will actually form fit to your face. Add dark glasses and we promise, you will look truly frightening! And remember, even if you do buy one of the scary clown costumes featured here, we highly recommend  replacing the plastic masks that come with some of the store-bought bone costumes with one of the recommended and equally frightening face shields. You will not only look better, spending the extra few dollars is so worth the investment to feel exponentially more comfortable throughout the evening!

Incredibly Scary Clown Masks

Incredibly Creepy Breathable Clown Masks

And look what GreatGets just added …. incredibly creepy clown costumes and Pennywise sweatshirts and t-shirts from Hot Topic's exclusive, and very on trend, Chapter Two Collection to make your whole look is frighteningly cute!

Creepy Clown Dreses

Creepy Clown Dress | Plus Size Creepy Clown Dress

Or creepier yet, add a t-shirt or sweatshirt so it looks like you are not trying so hard – as if it is your everyday street wear. Plus you actually can wear it all year long (or not).

Creepy Clown Outfits

Clown Tops | Pennywise Clown Tops

You can even add leggings or really creep people out by wearing a mask, tank top, and boxer shorts with crew socks.

Pennywise Creepy Clown Bottoms

Hot Topics’ exclusive Chapter Two Collection


We did a little bit of research about why clowns with their happy exterior can be so scary to people of all ages. They say 30% of the entire population has at least a mild form of coulrophobia (fear of clowns). One theory suggests that this unreasonable fear exists because  popular culture is inundated with scary images of evil clowns  ranging from cult films such as Night of the Demon and Berlin Express to photos of serial killer John Wayne Gacey dressed as a clown.  More recently, we are all too well aware of the evil that manage to sneak into a theater in the form of  Batman's arch nemesis, The Joker. Additionally, not only is it an issue of a hidden face but it is the fact the face is painted to portray a happy innocence that very well may be masking its true, evil intentions.

Clearly, we are not into the whole Halloween clown thing but lots of guys are, so here are a few of the scariest clown costumes we could find!!!!!

Don't forget the Clown Nose!

Party Safe.  Party Hearty!

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