Party Pretty – Weight Loss Strategies


Party Pretty -Weight Loss Strategies

The results are in for our informal non-scientific poll about the most stressful, anxiety producing aspects of planning and hosting the perfect event. 98.7% of you responded that more than anything else you were consumed with losing 5-30 pounds prior to your big event. Losing weight beat out planning your meal, choosing the theme, decor, and party supplies, making your seating chart, and weight loss even topped finding the perfect outfit to wear. Continue Reading →

adidas Women’s Powerluxe Workout Apparel

adidas Women's Powerluxe Workout Apparel

An amazing new line of workout clothes by adidas

adidas Women's  Powerluxe  Workout Apparel

WOW!  Have you checked out the new adidas women's  Powerluxe training line?  We love it!

The simple, colorful tanks with their built-in bras and removable cups, make the training tank top a comfortable way to work out.  Plus it features sweat-wicking climalite® fabric and a body-enhancing fitted fit.

Likewise the women's adidas Powerluxe No-Fuss Pants are made with sweat-wicking climalite® and a wide waistband for a comfortable fit.  Plus, rumor has it that there is something about the fit that makes your derriere “second-look” worthy!

Want to look your best for a special celebration? Re-set your get healthy resolution! Up your work-out routine and look great doing so. Party Pretty!

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BistroMD – Customizable Meal Plans To Reset Your Resolution!


BistroMD - Customizable Meal Plans To Reset Your Resolution!

Reset your weight loss resolution with BistroMD

If you're anything like us, you may need a reset on that weight loss resolution as we enter our third week of 2013.  Don't get down on yourselves and give up, we are considering those first three weeks practice anyway.  Reset your calendar and join us with our new bistroMD eating plan.

We get it, you're busy, and just like us chances are you don't have time to grocery shop for fresh and expensive ingredients to create yourself gourmet healthy meals at the end of a long day.  We're with you, and that's why we love bistroMD's new personalized meal plans.  Not only are they healthy and do not contain fillers or MSG like some other packaged meal plans, they are completely customizable with specifically designed programs for men and women.  Don't like fish? Then take fish completely out of your personal meal plan.  How great is that? No more choking down foods you don't enjoy just because they are part of the pre-set diet plan you signed up for.


This is plan is no powdered shake, dehydrated soup or boxed food either! We wont be starving ourselves to get back into bikini shape for Spring Break in Cabo or fit into that special occasion dress for summer weddings .  On bistroMD's new meal plan we will be enjoying dishes like buckwheat berry pancakes, chicken burrito bowls and broccoli and beef. YUM!  So join us this year and take the healthy and nutritious route to achieve your resolution!  bistroMD couldn't make this any easier, just choose your foods, order them customized to your taste, and wait for the delivery (which right now is free!)

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Take the Get Healthy Challenge!

Get Healthy!

Take the Get Healthy Challenge!

As we glanced over our site this morning we had one of those ah ah moments!  We know (because your tell us) that you are obsessed with losing weight before your big event.  Unfortunately though, too many of you are focused on losing pounds rather than getting healthy so we chatted with our friends over at and they are graciously allowing Party Idea Pros visitors to get in on their Dare to be Great – Get Healthy Challenge!  What this means is that both and will run parallel contests.  Submit your Get Healthy stories to one of us or both of us and be eligible to receive a Dare to Be Great Award.


The challenge rules are simple.  Submit your personal “Getting Healthy” story.  It can be a story about your accomplishments or a journal of your continuing challenges.  It can chronicle, weight loss, fitness routines,  health through laughter or relaxationstrategies, or even your quest to overcome drug, alcohol, or mental healthy struggles.

Basically, your story just needs to tell us your plan to “Get Healthy!”  If your story convinces us that you are worthy of a “Dare to be Great Award” will:

  1.  Publish your story/journal right here in our Party Pretty section and
  2. Send you a $20.00 Amazon gift certificate or  deposit $20.00 into your paypal account – your choice!  Can you believe you may actually get paid to get healthy?

Best yet, everyone who submits a story and email address will receive an  I know I can! email of encouragement.  If you prefer to receive a “snail mail” postcard with words of encouragement so you can hang it on your refrigerator, we can send that too – just let us know and include your mailing address.

I know I can!  Words of Encouragement

In addition to the postcard there are lots of motivational I know I can! gifts available for purchase:

I Know I Can! Poster | I know I can! Stickers | I know I can! Magnet | I know I can! Performance T-shirt

So let the challenge begin.  We look forward to reading your stories and sharing both our words of encouragement with you and your words of inspiration with our visitors.

Get Healthy – Get Started Today!

Eat Right & Live Healthy

Weight Loss Strategies

Submit your Get Healthy Story here

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