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Party Pretty – Weight Loss Strategies

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Party Pretty -Weight Loss Strategies

The results are in for our informal non-scientific poll about the most stressful, anxiety producing aspects of planning and hosting the perfect event. 98.7% of you responded that more than anything else you were consumed with losing 5-30 pounds prior to your big event. Losing weight beat out planning your meal, choosing the theme, decor, and party supplies, making your seating chart, and weight loss even topped finding the perfect outfit to wear.

Weight Loss Strategies

So to help you get a jump start on your special day, we have researched the various weight loss strategies and diet plans out there and though we are not doctors or medical experts in any way, shape or form, in our heart of hearts we believe that Weight Watchers is probably the healthiest and best plan available on the market today.

Having said all that, if you are generally in pretty good physical shape and just want to take off a few extra pounds, we have decided, based on all the research and on the personal experiences of friends and family, Medifast is the way to go to lose the weight quickly and easily. And if you purchase the products online, there are no upfront costs –just the cost of the food you purchase. The Medifast promotional materials say you can expect to lose between 2-5 pounds each week. (As an added benefit, Medifast actually has a concrete plan to help keep the weight off after the party is but a memory in your collection of photo books.)


The key to Medifast, as in any diet, is first to follow it, second to watch your portion sizes, third to work in as much exercise as possible, and lastly to not get discouraged if you go off the diet — the best advice we have heard is to immediately make yourself a shake to put you back on track. The biggest problem with Medifast is that it takes a bit of patience and willingness to experiment to develop a taste for the pre-packaged foods they call Medifast Meals. Basically you are allowed 5 Medifast Meals each day plus 1 lean and green meal of your choosing. Many of the Medifast meals are certified Kosher Dairy and most are about 100 calories each.

For your 5 MF meals you can choose between Bars, Bites, Brownies, Drinks, Eggs, Oatmeal, Pancakes, Pretzels & Cheese Puffs, Pudding, Shakes, Soft Serve, and Soups

Summer Splash PackageOriginal PancakesCaramel Crunch BarMaple & Brown Sugar Oatmeal
Cheese Pizza BitesMango Soft ServeCinnamon Pretzel SticksCream of Tomato Soup

Scrambled EggsDutch Chocolate 55 ShakeBrownie with real chocolate chipsBanana Pudding

The Medifast meals look pretty good in the photos, don't they?

Medifast Meal Taste Tips

How do Medifast meals taste? Truthfully, there does not seem to be a consensus. About the only thing everyone agrees on is that the taste grows on you. The first few days or so they can be a little tough to swallow but you quickly learn how to doctor the meals to not only be edible but also enjoyable. One friend loves the pancakes but not the eggs. Another loves the puffs but skips the pretzels. Our suggestion is to begin by trying one of everything and then re-order only the meals that you like.

Medifast Tips & Tricks

To speed up the adjustment period, we have compiled a little cheat sheet on how to “fix up” or “doctor” your Medifast meals.

  • Although the eggs are microwaveable, the chatter on the internet is that the eggs taste significantly better if you cook them the old fashion way, in a fry pan on the stove.
  • Another tip is to try to add water to your soups at least an hour or two in advance of eating them. Better yet, soak them overnight.
  • Adding splenda and cinnamon to the pancakes takes them from almost inedible to close to yummy.
  • Add beef granules or Better Than Bouillon to the stews, mix in water. And again, let it sit overnight in the fridge for best results
  • The pancake mix can be used to make excellent muffins just by adding a bit of splenda, vanilla, a pinch of baking powder and 2-3 oz of water.
  • For a satisfyingly crunchy alternative to movie popcorn, use Medifast oatmeal doctored with a package of splenda, a pinch of baking powder, cinnamon (or other favorite spice) and a tad of water. Mix it together to form a dough. Now drop dime size (or smaller) pieces onto a baking dish. Bake at 400 until they turn into browned and crispy granola snack pieces.
  • Add iced coffee to your chocolate shakes rather than water to give your shakes a richer frappuccino-like taste.

Weight Loss Strategies & Diet Accessories

  • Invest in a good blender or at the very least, purchase the Medifast HealthMate Blender, a mini-blender for designed specifically for creating Medifast menu masterpieces. We have also read that a Cusinart Stick Blender helps to double the volume making you feel like you are eating more and helping you feel full longer.

Medifast Blender

CUISINART Smart Stick Hand Blender

  • The shakes are generally considered the best tasting and most filling meal on the plan so if you need to lose the weight quickly and don't want to take the chance of not liking a meal or are not in the mood to experiment with ways to fix up the meals, just stick with the French Vanilla and Dutch Chocolate Shakes.
  • Finally, for those of you who are craving pasta, although not a part of the Medifast diet, we have just discovered a miracle noodle that claims to be calorie free, carb free, gluten free and soy free. Serve the chili or any of the soups over these Miracle Noodles and add a whole new texture and taste to your basic Medifast meals.

Other Diet Programs Worth Exploring

Finally, since there really is no one perfect diet for everyone, here are a few more  weight loss strategies & corresponding weight loss programs that come highly recommended for people looking to lose a few pounds before a big event

Diet Plans

Diet Plans >> Bistro MDWeight Watchers

Party Hearty!

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