HOW2 Create Stunning Succulent Arrangements

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How to Create Stunning Succulent Arrangements

HOW2 Create Stunning Succulent Arrangements

HOW2 Create Stunning Succulent Arrangements

We, like many of you, are obsessed with air plants & succulents. A stunning succulent arrangement can transform a room from fine to fabulous, instantly. Yes, to some extent all plants and flower arrangements add color and life to a room, but succulent arrangements also add a modern sensibility. The muted colors and multiple textures work to create a warmth and serenity whether used in a party centerpiece or in the form of a wreath gracing your front door. So today, we want to introduce you to an online Bluprint class on HOW2 make stylish container compositions with gorgeous succulents! Learn to make your own bouquets, terrariums, wreaths and more.

About the Bluprint Succulent Arrangement Class


Unfortunately, these Bluprint classes are no longer available but be sure to check out succulent expert Debra Lee Baldwin's YouTube channel!

Renowned succulent expert Debra Lee Baldwin shares the secrets to caring for these low-maintenance plants. Over the course of seven half an hour classes she explains why succulents lend themselves so well to container arrangements.

  1. In lesson one, Debra explains how succulent plants grow and propagate. She also demonstrates how to trim sections off without harming the plant. And she shares basic design ideas for potting beautiful single-plant containers.
  2. In lesson two she will show you how to create a color wheel container composition. Additionally, she teaches you how to stress your plants to reveal beautiful hues.
  3. Lesson three focuses on teaching how to create gorgeous floral-style arrangements with special emphasis on adding dimension and interest to your piece.
  4. Next, you will learn how to choose plants that thrive in low-light areas and how to care for their unique needs. Have you always wanted to learn how to create a terrarium arrangement that is straight from the pages of your favorite magazine? Here is your chance. Lesson four is devoted to showing you how to care for succulents in no-drain containers. Also learn how to add colored sand and pebbles for a special touch.
  5. In lesson six learn how to create a show-stopping succulent bouquets and gorgeous centerpieces.
  6. And finally, in lesson seven, learn how to attach succulents onto a wreath for beautiful door decor — the perfect way to greet guests!

Check out the complete succulent arrangements syllabus on Bluprint and watch a short introductory video. And please, send us photos of your completed projects. We would love to share them!

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