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Pink Bat Thinking

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Pink Bat Thinking

Turning Problems into Solutions!

Pink Bat with Free DVD

Everywhere you look today there are problems. Turn on your TV or computer, pick up a magazine or paper, and what do you see? Problems. The story of the pink bat is so engaging you and your team will be inspired to view problems as solutions. Pink Bat thinking will bring innovative results!

Pink Bat Movie

Michael McMillan's newest release “Pink Bat” will turn your thinking upside down and get you and your team seeing problems as opportunities. Maybe you think this idea seems impossible, but you're about to discover: “Pink Bat Thinking” makes the impossible possible.

Pink Bat …Turning Problems into Solutions is an  inspiring story that will change your thinking forever.  It is the perfect gift for anyone searching for creative inspiration whether it be a family member, a co-worker, or even an Odyssey of the Mind or Science Olympiad coach needing to jump start their team as they enter the dreaded but inevitable stage of  feeling like the obstacles to creating a viable solution are insurmountable.  Remember “Pink Bat Thinking” makes the impossible possible.

Designate  your next teacher institute day,  company team building event, or any day,  Pink Bat Day!

Looking for innovative ways to inspire your team without investing in a major team building initiative?  Model your next Pink Bat Day after Smith College's Mountain Day where every year, the president chooses a beautiful fall day and announces a holiday  day off  to re-invigorate the soul by ringing the college bells.  Even though you most likely won't choose to give employees a day off,  incorporate creative thinking exercises and inspirational activities  into the day's normal routine

Deliver a Dollhouse Miniature Baseball Bat painted pink to everyone involved.  (If out of stock, consider this baseball bat penor Baseball Bat keychain)

Develop spontaneous thinking skills by creating 5-10 minute team creative thinking breaks.  Consider investing in an Odyssey of the Mind Spontaneous problem solving book

Create a spontaneous wiffle ball tournament at lunch.  Wrap the bats'  handles in a stripe of  pink duct tape.

Ask all employees to bring in canned goods to donate to your local food pantry.  Now surprise them and ask each department to take the collected cans and  collectively and collaboratively arrange them in a way to denote something special or unique about  your company.  Take pictures and post on the company website.  Now donate the cans.

Make it a great day! Make it a Pink Bat Day!


  • Deron
    August 30, 2012 at 8:22 am

    Our school is looking to buy pink bat pens. Do you sell those?

  • Party Idea Pros
    August 30, 2012 at 12:50 pm

    Hi Deron!

    Thanks so much for your inquiry to

    We have searched all of our suppliers for baseball bat pens and was starting to worry because the pens seemed to be out of stock just about everywhere. We finally found some at Century Novelty, a very reputable company with great products at great prices. As for pink bats — sorry, there are none but since these are natural wood pens they can absolutely be decorated. You and a committee could easily “pinkify” the pens either with pink paint or even with a pink chisel point marker. When calculating your costs, remember the pens are priced per dozen. I also checked to see what deals Century Novelty is currently offering and the best deal I could find is a $6 Off Coupon when you sign up for their newsletter.

    Here is direct link to the product.
    Baseball Bat Pens

    I hope this information helps and if there is ever anything else we can assist you with as you plan for life’s big and little celebrations, please feel free to contact me directly.

    Party Hearty!


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