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Holiday Card Envelopes? Ensure Your Holiday Cards Make a Statement Even Before They are Opened!

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Minted Holiday Card Envelopes

Holiday Card Envelopes

With the falling temperatures and changing of the leaves, it is time to get ready for the upcoming holiday frenzy! We know most of you do not start ordering your holiday cards until after Halloween, but you are beginning to explore your options. These days there are so many great holiday cards available, the question is where to begin, including what to do about your holiday card envelopes.

Here is our best advice.

  • First choose which pictures you would like to include in your holiday card design.
  • Next go to Minted and use their insert photo(s) option. This option is the best innovation in the world of holiday cards since the whole photo holiday card craze began because you will be able to tell immediately which cards work and which ones do not. This limits your options and makes choosing a design so much easier.
  • Next you will need to decide whether you want to spend the extra for custom shapes and upgraded paper. We say, go for it but then again we save all of your cards, year in and year out, so we place value on all the little details.
  • And finally, you will need to decide how you want your envelope to work. Yes, this is a fairly new twist to invitations and stationery and it is one we are obsessed with. As you know, we are all about first impressions. Invitations have always set the tone of a party and now even before your guest open your invitations, or in this case, holiday cards, you are using formerly unused space to send your messages of joy and peace and laughter, visually.

Today we are focusing on our final bullet point, specifically The Minted Holiday Card Envelope™ to ensure your cards make a statement even before they are opened. We think it is pretty darn cool that Minted will now take care of your envelope addressing with their beautifully designed recipient addressing feature, FREE for a limited time. Below is a collage of just a few of the great holiday card envelope designs available.  Basically, when you click on each card, below the image of the card, Minted offers its visitors more views.  The second view shows Free Recipient Addressing. If you click on this view, you will be able to see the envelope design available for that particular card. Later in the personalization process you will get the option to choose different designs so even if you are not fond of Minted's recommended envelope design, you can change to one you like later.

Minted Holiday Card Envelopes Free Recipient Addressing Designs

Here are just a few of  the Minted holiday card envelope designs available  with their free recipient addressing service

Minted also offers a handful of envelope liner choices and a couple of return address options, including a printed return address and their adhesive back Skinny Wrap (which we adore).  Before you automatically choose the skinny wrap option, consider the design of your holiday card envelopes >> If the envelope is already pretty busy, adding the skinny wrap return address may just be too too much. Since you are stamping and mailing the envelopes yourself, another option is to click NONE for the return address and instead invest in an embosser. Embossing (or stamping) your return address on the envelope flap is an economical, yet elegant solution to an annual expense. If you choose a non-holiday design, you can even use the stamp or embosser all year round!

 Snowflake Pop Custom Self Inking Stamps, Holiday Card Envelopes  Geometric Snowflake Embosser, Holiday Card Envelopes

Return Address >> Self Inking Stamps & Embossers

Party Hearty!

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