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Halloween Nail Art Inspiration

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Halloween Nail Art Polish Set

Halloween Nail Art

Halloween Nail Art Inspiration

This month we have posted lots of Halloween party looks including some pretty fabulous & unique costumes, accessories, and even make-up tutorials, but somehow we have neglected nail art. Remember to truly party pretty you need to be polished from head to toe (and yes, pun intended.) So when we received this new nail art tutorial from Julep using colors from their Happy Halloween Welcome Boxes, we had to share. 


Pretty Spooky Halloween Nail Art Polish Set

Pretty Spooky  Nail Art >> If you do not have a striping tool (and how many of us do), a toothpick will work too!


Here is yet another October nail art look.

Edgy Allure Halloween Nail Art Polish Set

 Nail Art Polish Set >> Again, feel free to substitute a toothpick for the striping tool.

The main point of this post was not so much to sell the Julep beauty box subscription as it is to inspire you to be creative this Halloween, from head to toe. Don't spend tons of money on a great costume and leave your house make-up free with an uninspired manicure and pedicure.  As in all aspects of party planning, the little details really do matter!

Party Pretty!

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