Valentines Day Party Planning, Ideas & Supplies

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Valentines Day Party Planning, Ideas & Supplies, Red Love Stamp

Valentines Day Party Planning, Ideas & Supplies

A romantic party theme great for Valentine's Day or any day. Consider our Festive Hearts celebration package when planning

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One of the most fabulous parties we have ever attended was a Valentines Day party where the hosts turned an ordinary event tent into stunning venue for a spectacularly romantic couples evening. The hostess assigned each couple their very own table of two, set simply with a red cloth, elegant china, votive candles, and a lovely duo of chocolate truffles. Not only did the hosts provide an amazing dancing band but surprised us all with a real show stopper, a night of laughter with Las Vegas comedienne, Rita Rudner, world famous for her sweet-as-pie delivery of shrewdly hilarious observations about relationships. Definitely, a Valentine's Day we will always remember.

Here are a few ideas for creating a special evening of your own.

♥ Valentines Day Party Invitations

Invitations set the tone for your party … playful, colorful, serene, romantic.

Valentine's Day Party Invitations Vibrant Love      Valentine's Day Party Invitations Divine Doilies

Valentine's Day Party Invitations Sweet Messages      Valentine's Day Party Invitations, Love Bubbles

Vibrant Love Valentine's Day Party Invitations | Divine Doilies Valentine's Day Party Invitations | Sweet Messages Valentine's Day Party Invitations | Valentine's day party invitations, Love Bubbles

Valentine's Day Party Invitations Love Song   Valentine's Day Party Invitations Festive Hearts

Valentine's day party invitations, Wooing Whale   Valentine's Day Party Invitations Glass Hearts

Love Song Valentine's Day Party Invitations | Festive Hearts Valentine's Day Party Invitations | Valentine's day party invitations, Wooing Whale | Glass Hearts Valentine's Day Party Invitations

Valentine's day party invitations, Cuddly Cutouts   Valentine's Day Party Invitations Not-So-Sweet Hearts

Valentine's day party invitations, Cuddly Cutouts | Not-So-Sweet Hearts Valentine's Day Party Invitations

 Valentine's day party invitations, In the Air  Valentine's day party invitations, Pink Champagne 

Valentine's day party invitations, Cocktail Crush

Valentine's day party invitations, In the Air | Valentine's day party invitations, Pink Champagne | Studio basics: valentine's day party invitations, Candy Conversations

♥ Table Linens

Festive Hearts! With this theme your linen options are limitless. Your final decision should be based on two factors: the physical characteristics of the event room and your guest of honor’s personal style.

Party Idea Pros loves are all the looks created in these BBJ Linen photos. Each one was better than the next, so simply choose your favorite or scroll throught their photo gallery for more inspiration.

Inspiration from BBJ Linens

Just a note on chair covers: chair covers may not be necessary if the chairs supplied are fairly neutral and in ok condition. In fact, I tend to not use chair covers at any of my personal parties. Having said that, if your budget permits, the overall look of certain rooms is enhanced if chair pads are used. Choose one of your accent colors.

If you are having a fairly large party, don’t forget to include your place card table, your gift table, buffet tables, and any ceremonial tables when determining your linen count. Also, if you chose to use more ornate linens, do not use them for the cocktail hour; they will have a greater impact as your guests enter the dining room.

♥ Valentines Day Party Centerpieces

So many choices … here are just a few of our favorites

The FTD® Deeply Devoted™ BouquetThe FTD® Deep Emotions™ Bouquet by Better Homes and Gardens® - VASE INCLUDED

This is so frustrating — we must apologize – we cannot keep up with the constantly changing floral links so rather than continue to send you to places that no longer exist, we have decided to just post pictures for inspiration and recommend you check out the current selection at our “go to” florists!

This vase is especially good if you want to fill fill the inside with fresh cut roses and the outisde with your favorite candies.

 Personalized Wedding Hershey's Kisses   Bulk Cocktail Flavored Jelly Beans

Vase In A Vase” Glass Container | Personalized HERSHEY'S Kisses |Bulk Cocktail Flavored Jelly Beans

Now Make Them Move

These centerpieces are just too stunning to stay still. Place them on this revolving base to add movement and pizzazz to your table.

Large Rotating Display Base Has Mirror Top And Will Hold Up To 44 Lbs.

♥ Valentines Day Party Favors

If you want to lavish gifts upon your guests, you can’t go wrong with any of these party favors. They will also add another dimension to your table setting. Order 1 party favor for each couple, 1 for each single.

Victorian-Style Heart Bottle Opener   Love Cookie Cutters   

Victorian-Style Heart Bottle Opener | Love Cookie Cutters

  Mini Vanilla Heart Candle Tins   Heart Shaped Tea Infusers 

Mini Vanilla Heart Candle Tins | Heart Shaped Tea Infusers

♥ Valentines Day Party Favor Boxes

Heart Shaped Favor Tins   Die-Cut Heart Favor Boxes

Heart Shaped Wedding Favor Tins | Die-Cut Heart Favor Boxes

Mini Love Favor Boxes   Heart Burlap Favor Bags

Mini Love Favor Boxes | Heart Burlap Favor Bags

♥ Valentines Day Party Place Cards

 Silver Heart Bell Place Card Holders  Plantable Seed Place Cards

Heart Bell Placecard Holders | Plantable Seed Place Cards

♥ Valentines Day Party Candles

Most venues supply tea-lights and holders but if yours does not, consider purchasing some. The play of light makes a difference. Place at least three on each table

 Mini Gold Heart Sparkler    Personalized Shot Glass Votive Holder

Mini Gold Heart SparklerPersonalized Shot Glass Votive Holder

♥ Valentines Day PartyKits & Decor

Valentines Day Party Kits

Heart Dazzler Valentine Paper Party Supplies | Valentine’s Day Hearts Party Pack |  Valentine’s “Xoxo” Party Pack | Candy Sweet Party Packs |  Hearty Cupcake Valentines Day Party Kits | Valentine Candy Hearts Themed Plates | Valentine Hearts Party Kits

Chic Valentines Day Party Decor

Valentine’s Day Party Kits: XOXO and Conversational Hearts

♥ Home Entertaining

Nambé Heart Crystal Bowl   Heart-Shaped Serving Bowl Set

Nambé Heart Crystal Bowl | Heart-Shaped Serving Bowl Set

♥More Aprons

Heart pattern apronCandy Heart apronLOVE Apron - Valentine's Day Gift apronThose Birds On Valentines DAy apron

Candy Heart | LOVE Apron – Valentine's Day Gift | Those Birds On Valentines Day

♥ Breakfast Anyone?

Chef's Choice 830 WafflePro Heart Waffle IronProduct Details

Chef's Choice 830 WafflePro Heart Waffle Iron | RSVP – Heart Shaped Egg Poacher – 4

♥ Baking

Product DetailsWilton Petite Silicone 12 Cavity Heart PanLOVE Toast Stamp

Tovolo Silicone Heart Cupcake Molds, Set of 8 | Wilton Petite Silicone 12 Cavity Heart Pan | Love Toaster Stamper

This clever little gadget helps you make a great impression first thing in the morning. Simply press the stamper onto fresh bread, toast and be adored. Makes every day Valentine’s Day. Your loved one will start their day with a smile, Set featured imageand they’ll think you’re, well, the best thing since sliced bread.

♥ Balloons

Pink Heart Valentine's Balloons

Heart Mylar Balloon – Hot Pink | Heart Mylar Balloon – Purple | Heart Mylar Balloon – Silver | Heart Mylar Balloon – Red

♥ Gifts

PartyIdeaPros_Heart_compacts PartyIdeaPros_Heart_Charm_Bracelet

Personalized Heart Compacts | Monogram Heart Charm Bracelet

♥ Health and Wellness Gifts | mySpaShop

Adult Board Games

Smart Ass

I’ve Never – The Game of Truth | Loaded Questions – Adult Version | Saucy Charades | Smart Ass

Boxers Or Briefs? | Sexopoly – an Adult Board Game for Couples or Friends | The Newly Wed Game-Deluxe Edition

♥ Valentines Day Party Printable Games

Valentine's Day Party Photo Booth Props & Decorations in Shades of Pink

Valentine’s Day Party Photo Booth Props & Decorations in Shades of Pink

Just for Grown Ups


Valentine Scavenger Hunt

  1. Before the party, first create a list of all scavenger hunt items and then hide the items throughout your house (or weather permitting, outside).  Another option is to create fun clues
  2. Divide the children into groups of 2-4.
  3. Consider assigning an adult to monitor each group during their hunt.
  4. Give each group one copy of the Valentine's Day  Scavenger Hunt checklist, a pencil or pen, and a Valentine favor box.
  5. Items can be hidden either inside or outside(weather permitting).  start searching for the items on the list. Instruct them to place all the items they find in their bags.
  6. Once a team finds all the items, they must hurry back to you. The first team to come back with all the items wins a prize!

Valentine Candy Guess

Fill a clear container with valentine candy (small hearts, M&Ms, or your favorite Valentine's Day candy) and count how many you place into the container when filling the container.  Either pass around the container while the children are eating or in a circle or simply place the container on a table and have the kids line up to write down their guess on how many are in the container. The one that is the closest takes the candy home. Materials needed: Clear Candy Jar, Candy, Pen, and Pink Paper

 Conversation Hearts Candy Jar with Hershey's Kisses    candy jar jawbreakers   Personalized Mini Glass Candy Jars
Conversation Hearts Candy Jar with Hershey's Kisses | Candy Jar (empty) | Personalized Classic Mini Candy Jars

More Valentines Day Party Games and Activities

Courtesy of PurpleTrail.comSolid Latex Balloons
A Special Valentine Message: You can put folded Valentine messages into balloons and fill the balloons with helium or attach them to the ceiling with tape. Leave all of the message slips blank except for one. On the one “winning” message, write “You’re in luck Valentine”. Attach ribbons to the bottom of the balloons to make them easy to reach. Towards the end of the party allow your guests to pull down the balloons and stomp them to check if their balloon has the winning message inside. The person who gets the written Valentine message is the winner of the game and gets a special prize (box of chocolates, etc). The balloons are also a pretty way to decorate your party room.

Valentine Word Scramble:

This is an interesting game that all will enjoy. You will need to start with a list of words associated with Valentine’s Day. Scramble each of the words and make copies of the list for each guest. The guests then get 2 minutes to fix all the disorganized words. The guest who finishes the most words in the time allotted gets the prize. Or make it easy on yourself, order a printable heart themed word scramble!

This is an interesting game that all will enjoy. You will need to start with a list of words associated with Valentine’s Day. Scramble each of the words and make copies of the list for each guest. The guests then get 2 minutes to fix all the disorganized words. The guest who finishes the most words in the time allotted gets the prize.

Guess How Many Hearts:

Cinnamon Hearts

Place cinnamon hearts or other candy in a jar. Then hand out a piece of paper and pen to each of your guests. Ask them to write down how many hearts they think are inside the jar. Have a red box with an open slit at the top, and ask the guests to fold their paper and put it inside the box. The person with the closest guess will win the heart candy filled jar.

Quick Kiss:

Valentine Hershey Kisses

Hide Hershey Kisses around the room and have your guests race to see who can find the most kisses. The person who finds the greatest number of kisses is the winner of the game.

Dedicate a romantic song to your sweetheart: As it’s the season of love, asking your guests to sing a romantic song for their sweetheart would be a brilliant idea. This will make your guests feel more involved and it will keep everyone entertained. You can pick 3 to 4 individuals as judges, and ask them to rate the competitors. The judges can rate the contestants on their enthusiasm, the song that they choose, and how well it is presented. The couple who gets the highest rating wins the competition.

How much you know your Sweetheart: This is a fun game to play with couples at a party. Hand out two sheets of paper to each of your guests. Then ask them to write 5 things they like on one sheet of paper, and 5 things their partner likes on the other sheet of paper. The list could include anything from food to books to movies, or even vacation spots. The couple who gets the highest number of matches wins the game.

The Heart Tattoo Game:

Metallic Gold Jewelry Temporary Tattoos - Love and Hearts

You can ask your guest to make a nice Valentine’s Day tattoo on their partner. For this you will need to prepare some body paints, face paints, or body markers to decorate with. You will also need to have some towels or washcloths on hand for any cleanup. After all the guests have made their tattoos, have everyone admire each other’s tattoo and vote for their favorite. The guest who created the highest voted tattoo wins the game.

Valentine Dance Moves: For a fun filled evening that will keep everyone entertained, try one of the many dance TV games available, like “Dance Dance Revolution DVD Game”. All you have to do is hook up the game, turn on the TV, crank up the volume, and let the dance moves fall where they may! With this type of game, guests are sure to have a blast and burn some serious calories! Make sure you have moved any furniture or breakable items so nobody gets hurt when the party takes off! Give out prizes for the smoothest, wackiest and most complicated dance moves. So with Valentine’s Day just around the corner, start planning for your big party. It is the season of love and celebrations, so make the most of it by partying, dancing, and singing… and of course spending some precious time with the ones you love.

Party Hearty!

♥ Books

Valentine School Parties Book

Valentine School Parties . . . What Do I Do?

♥ Love Stories

Great Classic Love Stories: Six Classic Tales of Love and RomanceLove Story  Kindle

Great Classic Love Stories: Six Classic Tales of Love and Romance | Love Story by Erich Segal | Kindle Wireless Reading Device

The fun gift especially when loaded with a romantic love story!

♥ Make the Night Last a Year

Photo Memory Book

Don’t let this memorable day fade away with the setting sun. The next day, when all is still fresh, log onto Shutterfly to create photo books, memory calendars, and even photo thank you notes or create a 5×7 photo card announcing the day, time, and location of your next celebration.

Photo Books | Calendars | Photo Gifts


 XOXO Love Scrapbook Album  Many Hearts Binder   Valentine's day hearts binder

XOXO Love Scrapbook Album | Many Hearts | Valentine's day gift, hearts | Photo Pages for 3-Ring Binders

♥ Party Hearty! ♥

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