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Heart & Love & Valentine’s Day Party Games

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Featured Valentine's Day party games >> Valentine Scattergories Printable Game

Start A New Valentine's Tradition – Play Valentine's Day Party Games With Your Coupled or Single Friends 

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If you're in a relationship, the frustration of planning what to do with your special someone can become a tedious yearly endeavor. Inviting other couples to a Valentine's Day get-together can be a fun way to add something new to the holiday while still allowing for romantic time with your sweetheart. Valentine Bingo, Lefty's In Love, and Movie Love Quotes are fun games to play with a room full of people, so the more the merrier!  These games would also be perfect for classroom Valentine's Day parties and workplace break time fun!

If you're not in a relationship, spending V-Day alone often feels like rubbing salt in an open wound. That's why having your other friends who are also single over can make the reality of the day not seem quite so depressing.  Doing something different and having a Valentine's Day game night can be a fun new tradition to start.

Hearts & Love & Valentine's Day Party Games

Just for Grown Ups

Valentine Scavenger Hunt

  1. Before the party, first create a list of all scavenger hunt items and then hide the items throughout your house (or weather permitting, outside).  Another option is to create fun clues
  2. Divide the children into groups of 2-4.
  3. Consider assigning an adult to monitor each group during their hunt.
  4. Give each group one copy of the Valentine's Day  Scavenger Hunt checklist, a pencil or pen, and a Valentine favor box.
  5. Items can be hidden either inside or outside(weather permitting).  start searching for the items on the list. Instruct them to place all the items they find in their bags.
  6. Once a team finds all the items, they must hurry back to you. The first team to come back with all the items wins a prize!

Valentine Candy Guess

Fill a clear container with valentine candy (small hearts, M&Ms, or your favorite Valentine's Day candy) and count how many you place into the container when filling the container.  Either pass around the container while the children are eating or in a circle or simply place the container on a table and have the kids line up to write down their guess on how many are in the container. The one that is the closest takes the candy home. Materials needed: Clear Candy Jar, Candy, Pen, and Pink Paper

Conversation Hearts Candy Jar with Hershey's Kisses    Candy Jar (assorted candy)   Personalized Classic Mini Candy Jars
Conversation Hearts Candy Jar with Hershey's Kisses | Candy Jar (assorted candy) | Personalized Classic Mini Candy Jars

More Valentines Day Party Games and Activities

Balloon Bouquet

A Special Valentine Message

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You can put folded Valentine messages into balloons and fill the balloons with helium or attach them to the ceiling with tape. Leave all of the message slips blank except for one. On the one “winning” message, write “You’re in luck Valentine”. Attach ribbons to the bottom of the balloons to make them easy to reach. Towards the end of the party allow your guests to pull down the balloons and stomp them to check if their balloon has the winning message inside. The person who gets the written Valentine message is the winner of the game and gets a special prize (box of chocolates, etc). The balloons are also a pretty way to decorate your party room.

Valentine Word Scramble

This is an interesting game that all will enjoy. You will need to start with a list of words associated with Valentine’s Day. Scramble each of the words and make copies of the list for each guest. The guests then get 2 minutes to fix all the disorganized words. The guest who finishes the most words in the time allotted gets the prize. Or make it easy on yourself, order a printable heart themed word scramble!

Guess How Many Hearts

Cinnamon Hearts

Place cinnamon hearts or other candy in a jar. Then hand out a piece of paper and pen to each of your guests. Ask them to write down how many hearts they think are inside the jar. Have a red box with an open slit at the top, and ask the guests to fold their paper and put it inside the box. The person with the closest guess will win the heart candy filled jar.

Quick Kiss

Valentine Kisses

Hide Hershey Kisses around the room and have your guests race to see who can find the most kisses. The person who finds the greatest number of kisses is the winner of the game.

Dedicate a Romantic Song to Your Sweetheart

As it’s the season of love, asking your guests to sing a romantic song for their sweetheart would be a brilliant idea. This will make your guests feel more involved and it will keep everyone entertained. You can pick 3 to 4 individuals as judges, and ask them to rate the competitors. The judges can rate the contestants on their enthusiasm, the song that they choose, and how well it is presented. The couple who gets the highest rating wins the competition.

How Well Do You Know Your Sweetheart

This is a fun game to play with couples at a party. Hand out two sheets of paper to each of your guests. Then ask them to write 5 things they like on one sheet of paper, and 5 things their partner likes on the other sheet of paper. The list could include anything from food to books to movies, or even vacation spots. The couple who gets the highest number of matches wins the game.

The Heart Tattoo Game

Metallic Gold Jewelry Temporary Tattoos - Love and Hearts

You can ask your guest to draw a nice Valentine’s Day tattoo on their partner. For this you will need to prepare some face paints and body art markers to decorate with. You will also need to have some towels or washcloths on hand for any cleanup. After all the guests have made their tattoos, have everyone admire each other’s tattoo and vote for their favorite. The guest who created the highest voted tattoo wins the game. Be sure to include some temporary heart-themed tattoos too!

Valentine Dance Moves

For a fun filled evening that will keep everyone entertained, try one of the many dance TV games available, like “Dance Dance Revolution DVD Game”. All you have to do is hook up the game, turn on the TV, crank up the volume, and let the dance moves fall where they may! With this type of game, guests are sure to have a blast and burn some serious calories! Make sure you have moved any furniture or breakable items so nobody gets hurt when the party takes off! Give out prizes for the smoothest, wackiest and most complicated dance moves. So with Valentine’s Day just around the corner, start planning for your big party. It is the season of love and celebrations, so make the most of it by partying, dancing, and singing… and of course spending some precious time with the ones you love.

Party Hearty!

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