Heart & Love & Valentine’s Day Party Games

Valentine's Day party games

Valentine's Day Party Games | Valentine's Day Party Inspiration

Hearts & Love & Valentine's Day Party Games

By Katie

Start A New Valentine's Tradition – Play Valentine's Day Party Games With Your Coupled or Single Friends 

Lips, Valentine's Day Party Games

If you're in a relationship, the frustration of planning what to do with your special someone can become a tedious yearly endeavor. Inviting other couples to a Valentine's Day get-together can be a fun way to add something new to the holiday while still allowing for romantic time with your sweetheart. Valentine Bingo, Lefty's In Love, and Movie Love Quotes are fun games to play with a room full of people, so the more the merrier!  These games would also be perfect for classroom Valentine's Day parties and workplace break time fun!

If you're not in a relationship, spending V-Day alone often feels like rubbing salt in an open wound. That's why having your other friends who are also single over can make the reality of the day not seem quite so depressing.  Doing something different and having a Valentine's Day game night can be a fun new tradition to start.

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World Cup Final Viewing Party

World Cup Final Viewing Party, German & Argentinian Flags

World Cup Final Viewing Party Germany vs Argentina

World Cup Final Viewing Party

Sunday, July 13, 2014

by Colette

Even though the U.S. team will not be playing, the World Cup final game between Germany and Argentina can be a great time to get together with friends and watch some soccer! The two teams are equally qualified, so who will you root for? Germany, who beat Brazil in the semi-finals by an unbelievable margin of 7-1? Or Argentina, who won their last world cup in 1986 and boasts the “best player in the world,” Messi?

We have put together a simple party package so you can eat, drink, and enjoy the game, no matter who you're cheering for! All the items are Amazon Prime or have a two day shipping option, so you can have them in time for the big game.

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