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Rent The Runway Unlimited & Change Your Closet Forever!

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Rent The Runway Unlimited

Rent The Runway Unlimited

Rent The Runway Unlimited & Change  Your Closet Forever!

We asked, Izzy, our very own fashionista to try out the latest and greatest from Rent The Runway >> their Unlimited days option. Just to back up a bit, Izzy has used Rent the Runway to wear high end designer label clothes to special occasions off and on over the past few years. She has tended to use them for what she would call one-time dresses. These are dresses that stand out so much she would most likely not recycle them for another event. For example, she once rented the Herve Lager Citrus Flamingo Dress to wear to a Vegas style theme party. There is no way she would ever consider purchasing a curve hugging bandage dress for $1450 retail but for $40.00 it was the perfect 1x wear dress for that event. Similarly she has rented dresses to wear to luau themed cocktail parties, New Year's Eve, and holiday parties. She even considered renting the Moschino Think Pink cropped sweater and matching bag to create a Barbie look for Halloween one year. But now that Izzy works for a renowned fashion house, she needs to look professional, yet on trend, each and every day. So she decided to give Rent the Runway's Unlimited Days a try and she loves it! It is so much fun having new clothes appear at her doorstep. She tends to wear each of the three outfits once or twice and then sends them back for new options. Izzy's only issue is finding the time to select the new outfits. Not a bad problem to have. (In full disclosure – neither Izzy nor PartyIdeaPros received any discount or compensation for using Rent the Runway Unlimited. The fact is we did not even receive our usual referral commission because we wanted to keep this experiment and subsequent review as impartial and fair as possible. Having said that, if you do end up purchasing something from our RTR link, we should receive a small percentage of the sale. We promise – you will not pay any more.)

Here are just a few of Isabelle's favorite dresses from Rent the Runway Unlimited including  10 Crosby Derek Lam, Theory, See by Chloe, ERIN erin fetherston, and DEREK LAM.

 So how does Rent the Runway Unlimited work? It really is pretty simple and very fun!

Stay Effortlessly Chic Rent The Runway Unlimited

1. Subscribe to Unlimited

Sign up to get designer dresses, accessories, tops, skirts and more on rotation.

2. Select 3 Items

Rent the Runway will email you when it’s time to choose 3 pieces for your first shipment. Shipping is always free.

3. Keep As Long as You Want

Whether it’s a weekend or 6 months, you control how long you keep each piece. Don't worry, everything is insured.

4. Exchange Anytime

Send 1, 2 or 3 items back and select the same number for your next shipment. Rent the Runway will handle the dry cleaning. Cancel anytime.

Bottom line

Just a couple more interesting ideas >> this whole concept of renting rather than buying your clothes might just be the answer to small dwelling clutter. Think how much space you will save. Buy a few new basics and a couple dozen space saving, nice looking hangers and transform your closet from a scrunched up mess to pinterest worthy. Also this a great solution to finally organizing a closet over-stuffed with clothing you do not particularly like and frankly, probably does not even fit anymore.

Oh wait! How funny Rent the Runway Unlimited was just featured on the Today Show!

Party Hearty!

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