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We love Thanksgiving.  It not only brings together family far and near but when done well, Thanksgiving is a leisurely day of game playing and game watching, cooking and eating. And we usually throw in an early morning walk for charity so we don't feel quite so decadent.  Last year we planned our extended family vacation.  This year, we will most likely plan Popol's 80th birthday celebration. But in between, as always, Izzy, Ali and Jen will get together to decide which of the many Thanksgiving games  we will play this year.

Printable Thanksgiving Games

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Although we generally say that a family that plays together stays together, our family needs to be a bit careful about the games we choose –sometimes these fun little activities get a bit too competitive.  Voice volume rises and hand gestures become less controlled.  The girls' new plan is to choose printable Thanksgiving games that will foster conversation and learning rather than those that might morph into anything remotely resembling competition.

Drop us an email or leave us a comment.  We would love to hear about your Thanksgiving day traditions!

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