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Custom DIY Pennant Banner Fabrics

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Custom DIY Pennant Banner Fabric

Custom DIY Pennant Banner Fabrics

As we all know paper pennant banners are all the rage in party decor but truthfully not only are they easily ripped and crumpled, depending on the paper they are printed on, they can also look a bit cheap. So today while pouring over Zazzle's new Custom Fabric by the Yard (yes, we are obsessed) we were delighted to discover this fabulous custom DIY pennant banner fabrics.  The designer has come up with an easily customizable keepsake pennant banner made from your choice of fabrics.

This is a really cool concept! Here is how it works >>

  • Each yard of fabric is printed with 20 individual pennants that, when hung together, spell out HAPPY BIRTHDAY, WEDDING CONGRATULATIONS  or CONGRATULATIONS GRAD in addition to the celebrant's name.
  • To make simply
    • cut out each pennant
    • fold the diamond shape INTO A TRIANGLE (finished triangle will measure about 8″ wide x 8-1/2″ long)
    • iron (with fusible bonding tape) or sew
    • string together and then hang your lovely handmade double-sided pennants/banner and enjoy!!
  • Detailed directions are printed directly on the fabric (on the white triangles) so you do not have to keep flipping back and forth to find your next step.
  • Pennant designs include: Polka-dots, chevron, stripes, checks, stars, triangles, quatrefoil and feathers – so much FUN!!!
  • Personalize this classy banner with a name by clicking on “change text” next to each letter. Or change one of the letters to a number – like 1st, 2nd, 50th, etc.
  • You can also change the background and text color to match your party décor colors – just click on the little eye dropper to choose from a rainbow of colors. Or enter a HEX number to get an exact color match.

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DIY Custom Pennant Banner Fabrics 

This keepsake banner will be used for many years to come! Hang it on a fireplace mantel, between two poles, on a wall or door entry. Celebrate your favorite person’s birthday with this festive DIY pennant banner made by YOU and designed by the Colorfulgalshop at Zazzle.

Party Hearty!

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