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2015 Halloween Costume Trend >> Wear Outfits, Not Costumes

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2015 Halloween Costume Trend

Wear Outfits, Not Costumes

Just today we received an email from Shopstyle announcing that outfits rather than costumes are 2015's hottest Halloween trend. We wanted to scream – told you so! Every Halloween we feature real life clothes that can be dressed up for Halloween and then worn again throughout the year.

For example a must own little black dress like the one featured below, and available in sizes xs – 4x, can be paired with black cat bags, headbands, shoes, jewelry and cat face paint.  And then after Halloween you can continue to wear the dress and all the accessories, just not all together.

Similarly with a simple yellow dress you can create a Morton Salt Girl Costume and continue to wear your dress, and use your umbrella, over and over again.

Morton Salt Girl Costume

Morton Salt Girl Costume >> Dresses in Yellow | White Umbrella | White Tights

Would it not be wonderful to have a fancy party dress just waiting in your closet for that next extra special event? Choose an elegant beaded dress and accessorize it with 1920's Great Gatsby style boas, cigarette holders, and jewelry.  Now you have both a fabulous Halloween costume and can party pretty all year long.

Another 2015 hybrid Halloween costume fashion trend is what we call x-ray outfits. Literally, they are shirts and dresses and leggings that depict bones. Yes, these skeleton outfits are perfect for Halloween but we think you can also get away with wearing them all year long. Again, we would probably not wear them all together but they actually sport pretty cool looking graphics.

And finally, for years there has been a prevalence of skull imagery in fashion.  We must admit, we are generally very much anti-skulls, especially for young children, but for Halloween we make the exception. Skull dresses & accessories rock Halloween! And these particular skull designs are pretty awesome so why not wear them all year long.

Party Hearty!

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