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Perfect Grandparent Gift – Adorable Musical Dolls

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When I was a little girl, my grandmother bought me a very special musical baby doll that we kept in my bedroom at her house. Even as I outgrew my doll phase, I continued to cherish “my baby”.  I don't remember what tune she played but I do remember dragging that doll around with me everywhere.  She helped me feel safe away from home and adoringly accepted the love I bestowed upon her.  When we were cleaning out my grandparents' house, after they passed away, I found my baby doll carefully tucked away in a dresser drawer, almost as if she was waiting for me to return.  My doll was soft and pink and had a beautiful, delicate face and although she had long lost her wiggle, she never lost her magic.  So when I happened upon these adorable Ashton-Drake musical baby dolls, I fell in love all over again.

These baby princesses, Belle, Ariel, and Cinderella, enjoy irresistibly lifelike facial features, from their beautiful big eyes to their charming smiles and rosy cheeks.  Each doll comes with a satiny blanket featuring authentic Disney artwork and wears an outfit that captures the look of each of the Disney Princesses.  With the twist of the key on their backs, your baby princess wriggles just like a real baby, and a hidden music box in each doll plays a song unique to that princess (Beauty & The Beast, Part of Your World, A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes).   All dolls are accompanied by a certificate authenticating it is an original design from The Ashton Drake Galleries.

So calling all grandmothers — this is the perfect birthday present, holiday gift, or just because I love you present for your little princess.  I can just picture the face of a young girl receiving one of of these beautiful baby princess dolls at her birthday party!  All the other little girls will be so jealous and she will literally be beaming!  Now add a coordinating fairy tale book to complete this magical memory and maybe even a matching Disney princess costume!

Party Hearty!

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