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5 Gifts Moms WANT for Mother’s Day

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Gifts Moms Want!

Gifts Moms Want!  

5 Gifts Moms Need WANT for Mother's Day!

Every year we moms put on a smile as we unwrap this year's crop of ever so useful gifts. One year I received a humidifier. Another year grocery store oven mitts to replace the mitts singed with too many culinary mistakes. And I have an entire cabinet full of I ❤️ Mom mugs and other adorable MOM knick knacks. Not to knock the cute MOM gifts but yes, even the best, most devoted mothers do appreciate a break from their mom role.  So this year we are compiling a list of gifts moms want for Mother's Day, not gifts we need or gifts that only celebrate motherhood! Yes, we would really like a darling set of pajamas (so we feel pretty when we get into bed after a long day), a fun watch, a statement necklace, a weekend bag (for dreamed about getaways), and  would be thrilled if we received gorgeous headphones (to escape the chaos at home, if only for a song or two – call it an enforced time out).

Transiting Pretty Weekend Bag, gifts moms want

Weekend Bag

Head of the Classic Watch in Mint Rose Gold, gifts moms want  Undisputed Class Watch, gifts moms want

Head of the Classic Watches >> Mint Rose Gold | Black & Gold | More Watches

And if you absolutely must gift mom something practical, how about  great looking, compact phone charger.

Remember, Mother's Day gifts should reflect mom in some way and above all else, be thoughtful. Cost really, truly does not matter. My two favorite Mother's Day gifts ever >> a red rotund Mariachi sculpture, and a color changing lava-like lamp, both chosen, after much deliberation, by my  children. because they knew I like anything and everything pretty.

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