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HOW2 >> The Ultimate Fall Dinner Party Menus & Cooking Videos

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HOW2 Video Guide to Cooking The Ultimate Fall Dinner Party >> Chris-Pandel's The Perfect NY Strip Steak

HOW2 Video Guide to Cooking The Ultimate Fall Dinner Party >> Buy the Best American Way and Prime Beef Delivered to Your Door

HOW2 >> The Ultimate Fall Dinner Party Menus & Cooking Videos

Courtesy of Shylie Rimmer from Panna on Tue, Oct 11th 2016

Ask my grandmother what help she had when she’d throw a dinner party back in the day and her reply will be: “Absolutely none. I’d start from scratch with a few old recipes my mother scribbled down into a notebook.”

Thankfully nowadays, we have apps like Panna to make our dinner party experience that much better. Panna is the video cooking app that allows you to stream and follow step-by-step recipes from master chefs across America—all the while in your own kitchen. Sounds too good to be true? Guess again!

Here are a few reasons why our favorite Panna master chefs—like Rick Bayless, Melissa Clark, Hugh Acheson, Nancy Silverton—will soon be your best dinner party mentors.

Panna's step-by-step videos show you exactly what to do

Written recipes can’t hold a candle to video. Video recipes are foolproof. Panna's award-winning chefs break it down for you—one step at a time—so you know what your dish should look like at every stage. Skip. Rewind. Replay. Panna makes it easy for you to watch, rewatch, and learn.


Panna's video guides give you the confidence to experiment

Panna’s master chefs showcase a variety of cuisines and techniques to keep you learning more with every video recipe. Whether you want to master your Mexican mole poblano with Rick Bayless, up your Italian pasta game with Tony Mantuano, or perfect your Southern flavors with Hugh Acheson, Panna has you covered. So experiment a little (or a lot) next time you host; you won’t screw it up—Panna won’t let you!

Panna's Sample Fall Feast Menus

Now if you’re still stuck for menu ideas and need some dinner party guidance, here are two of Panna's most-loved menus for home cooks like you—straight from Panna to your party:

Fall Feast Dinner Party Menu

Dinner Party Fall Feast

Blistered Shishitos With Chorizo and Almonds | Wedding Chicken | Caramelized Broccoli with Scallions and Pine Nuts | Bread Pudding With Apricots and Almonds (personally, we would skip the almonds)


Surf and Turf Dinner Party Menus and Cooking Videos

 Buy Hard to Find Colossal Shrimp |  Buy the Best American Way and Prime Beef Delivered to Your Door | Barley Salad With Asparagus and Mushrooms | Flourless Chocolate Cake

Don't forget the wine!

Party Hearty!

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