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Charming Tails Mouse Collectibles

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Charming Tails Mouse Collectibles

Enesco Charming Tails Mouse Collectibles >> Enesco Collectibles

Charming Tails Mouse Collectibles

Charming Tails is a collection of adorable mouse figurines drawn and approved by renowned artist Dean Griff. First produced in 1992 as a Christmas Collection of 12 pieces, their immense popularity spurred this highly sought, meticulously handcrafted series of whimsical vignettes. With hundreds of themes from which to choose, the small details on the all the Charming Tails figurines make them hard to resist. Each one is cuter than the next. And the fact that they are so affordable make us want to collect them all! Plus these darling figurines make “charming” gifts for most any theme party. Or group them together to use as a holiday party centerpiece or bring them as a hostess gift!

Charming Tails Figurines

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      Charming Tails No Jest Mom You Rule Figurine  Charming Tails Heart Figurine

   Charming Tails Sun Shine Figurine      Charming Tails A Cup Of Hope Breast Cancer Charity Mouse Figurine

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Scroll through the pictures here to see if any of the many Enesco mouse figures work with your party theme. And please feel free to email us if you would like to design a party around Maxine Mouse, Mackenzie Mouse, or any of the other “charming” characters.

Party Hearty!

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