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Zombie Party Planning, Ideas & Supplies

Zombie Party Planning Ideas Supplies

Zombie Party Planning, Ideas & Supplies

It's that time of year – the time when zombies, ghouls & goblins flood the streets.  This year invite them inside – host your own creepy, scary, infectious zombie party!  Some even say the best way to survive the Zombie Apocalypse is by inviting your friends and family to an infectious Zombie Party. And it is so easy to transform your home into an a apocalyptic scene, complete with the walking dead, with Shindigz exclusive zombie party supplies and food and drink ideas.  

Even if you are not hosting a party, we definitely think you have to pick up a few of these Zombie Hand Peel ‘N Place Toilet Toppers just to scare the dickens out of your family!  And for dinner add a bit of festive fun – drape a Bloody Gauze Panel over your table.  Burn the outer casings of sausages or hotdogs cut to finger size and be sure to serve up a plate of delectable brains.

Festive Zombie Home Decor & Dinner Decoration Ideas

Festive Zombie Home Decor & Dinner Decoration Ideas

Here are just a few of our favorites zombie party supplies, decor & costumes.  We hope they serve as inspiration for your own creepy  (but safe) Halloween celebration!  And if you are planning a prom or Homecoming dance, a Zombie Apocalypse theme could be great fun!

Zombie Party Invitations

   Zombie Quarantine Halloween Party Invitation    night of the living dead halloween party invitations

 Zombie QuarantineNight of the Living Dead |

Zombie Party Large Decor & Props

 Graveyard Gates Entrance Halloween Party Decor    Lawn Zombie Halloween Party Decor

Graveyard Gates Entrance | Lawn Zombie 

 Zombie Silhouettes Halloween Party Decor   Zombie Guy Standee  

Zombie Silhouettes | Zombie Guy StandeeZombie Gal Standee

Zombie Party Decor & Table Decorations

 Asylum Printed Latex Balloons Halloween Party Decor  Bloody Gauze Panel Zombie Party Decor

Asylum Printed Latex Balloons | Bloody Gauze Panel 


  Black LED Blood Dripping Candles Zombie Party Decor               Zombie Hand Peel 'N Place Toilet Topper

Black LED Blood Dripping Candles |  Zombie Hand Peel ‘N Place Toilet Topper

Zombie Party Food & Drinks

Zombie Party Costumes

 Zombie Costumes

Zombie Costumes, Make-Up & Accessories

Zombie Makeover

We love Estie so are especially excited to share his Zombie Makeover tips!

We love Estie so are especially excited to share his Zombie Makeover tips!

Party Hearty!


  • Cynthia Rose
    October 21, 2014 at 9:10 am

    We are looking to have a zombie themed party this Halloween with all of our friends. You have more than a few clever ideas that would make this party spectacular. I am hoping that this party will be one we can have every year if all goes well.

  • Party Idea Pros
    October 22, 2014 at 3:42 pm

    Hi Cynthia – thank you for your kind words. If you send us party pics we would love to post them. Party Hearty!

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