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Wedding Proposal Ideas – Pop the Question in Print!

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Wedding Proposal Ideas, Custom Wedding Proposal Books

Wedding Proposal Ideas -Why Not Pop the Question in Print?

Some proposals happen on a mountain top. Some happen while she's brushing her teeth. Whether you prefer extravagant or the subtle wedding proposal ideas, you are going to want to commemorate this very special milestone. That's why we are obsessed with the latest trend of memorializing your marriage proposal by creating a printed  book.  With so many different photo book publishing sites out there, we of course, have our favorites. The truth is we go to different sites for different projects but for a book of this importance, Blurb is the best (and only) choice. Although slightly more complicated to use, the quality of the book far exceeds that of the competition. In fact Blurb is actually the go to publisher for many professionals creating artistic portfolios and coffee table books and not just us wannabe's :).   Here are a few ideas on how to craft the most creative “Will You Marry Me?” chronicle. Remember – to do it right, all good ideas take time to both plan out and to execute well but for a project like this it is definitely time well spent!

  • Create a beautiful photo essay of your relationship. Include photos of where you met, special pieces from your first date, scenes from your favorite events. Use the pictures to tell a silent story of your love and then complete this happy ending with a picture of you and a sign asking for her hand.
  • Write a children's book where the main characters are you and your beloved. Print the book with Blurb, then have it put onto the shelves at your local library. Take her on a reading date and “stumble” across the book. (Just remind her that you're in the library and she'll have to tone down those shrieks of joy.)
  • Is your beloved a foodie? Make her a Blurb cookbook of love! Ask your family and friends for their favorite recipes and put them together into one book, complete with pictures. Add in your own recipe of love with ingredients that include moments from your courtship. Just be sure that when the relationship is fully baked, you ask about the final course – a lifetime of sweet memories.

Blurb loves helping people to publish their dreams and right now they are offering two special deals to get your proposal in print. Save 15% on all purchases by using promo code: AUGUST15 at checkout. Save 25% on print book orders of $75+ on 1st purchase only, when you use promo code: TRYOUT at checkout. Both of these offers expire on August 25, 2014, so don't wait to publish the most important question ever put into print

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