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The Perfect Leather Jacket

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The Perfect Leather Jacket      The Perfect Leather Jacket

The Perfect Leather Jacket 

For a few years now, we have been searching for the perfect leather jacket to add to our closet as a wardrobe staple.

The Perfect Leather Jacket The Search is On!

We want a biker / bomber style jacket that by definition is fitted and somewhat edgy.  We want to be able to wear it with some of our more “girly” outfits to add a modern twist and also want to be able to throw it on at night with jeans, a tank, and heels.  The leather needs to be soft and subtle, and maybe most importantly, the jacket must be priced under $350.00.

Clean Biker Jacket at TOPSHOP

Finally this week, we found 2 jackets that fit our criteria exactly — A traditional leather jacket and a black leather biker jacket by boutique, both available at TOPSHOP priced at just $310.00.  Truthfully, we cannot make up our mind, which one we like better.  We would love to hear your opinion! You can check out more TOPSHOP leather jackets here

Plus we found a third jacket that is also very tempting.  It is a faux Leather biker jacket that gets great reviews and is priced at just $110.00!

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