Wine and Cheese – The Perfect Pairing

wine and cheese

Wine and Cheese – The Perfect Pairing

There may not be two things in this world we love more than wine and cheese.  As far as we are concerned if you pair the two it is very hard to go wrong however, we do understand there is a lot of anxiety when it comes to finding the perfectl pairing of the two.

Life is Too Short to Drink Bad Wine!

We have picked three of our favorite cheeses, all available to be shipped anywhere in the country from, and some great wines to pair them with from Cellars Wine Club to get you started.

First rule of thumb I like to follow when putting out a cheese tray for guests is this – go for one firm, one soft and one semi- soft cheese.  This way you have a nice variety that can be eaten on their own or paired with bread, crackers, or even crudite. Continue Reading →

Smart Corporate Holiday Marketing: Wine Club Gift Subscriptions

Holiday Wine Club Gifts

Smart Corporate Holiday Marketing: Wine Club Gift Subscriptions

Smart Corporate Holiday Marketing: Wine Club Gift Subscriptions 

Who says Christmas gifts have to be limited to December? Common sense and real life experience tells us that yes it is absolutely necessary to recognize and acknowledge clients and allies for their contributions to your success during or around the holiday season, but it is time to think outside of the standard December “gift basket” mentality.

First and foremost, just about everyone would acknowledge that when opening up the obligatory holiday basket, you immediately separate the “junk” from the wine.  Have you checked your home cupboard or pantry recently?  I promise you you still have a pack of “Berry Good Snack Mix” or “Pomegranate Puffs”  hiding unopened behind the crackers some place.  Let's be real, all anyone really cares about is the wine.  So this year, give your colleagues what they want – the wine – skip the filler.

Next, and more importantly, marketing experts will tell you that most often it is the number of quality touches between two people that cement relationships.  A yearly gift is great but a gift that keeps on giving throughout the year is even better.  This is where the idea of gifting a fabulous wine club subscription becomes a smart corporate marketing decision.  For just about $150.00 ( the same cost as most nice gift baskets) your colleagues will receive a lovely gift from you once every quarter (yes – you read that correctly 4x a year they will receive a little gift of thanks from you and your company.)  All we can say is this is way more bang for your marketing bucks!

With lots of wine clubs from which to choose, how do you narrow the choices?  After reading a slew of reviews, we finally decided upon The California Wine ClubWe like the club choices.  We like the wines. And we really like the people behind the site.  We were having trouble understanding the various signature requirements needed, so we called (ok, so we called a few times) and everyone we spoke with was knowledgeable, kind and more than patient with our endless questions. To get an idea of the types of wines offered October's wine club notes are posted online and you can find November's notes right here in our ongoing wine club notes series.

Know somebody who prefers beer?  The same strategy applies — check out our favorite craft beer club.

Party Hearty!