Kids Summer Camp Essentials

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Kids Summer Camp Essentials

Loving these children's summer camp essentials and ideas from Minted! They are all #toocute. And since it is already mid-May, it is none to early to place your order for your campers' personalized stationery, journals, and name labels. And don't forget the stamp!

Summer camp is the place that children have the time to step back from their daily routines and discover and/or explore their passions. It is also the time for many kids to take a break from technology and revert to old fashioned pen and pencil. Although, at the time, letters home can be a source of parent consternation, we promise, if you save those letters, they will elicit peels of laughter for many years to come. We recently found one of Izzy's famed letter's home that simply read “COME GET ME NOW!” on her customized camp stationery. The fact that we received the letter at least 2 weeks after it was written proved to have been a good thing. By the time these hovering parents called the camp, all was good! 

Lets break down our camp essentials, which include personalize stationery, labels, stamps & journals by camp type.

Wilderness Summer Camp Essentials

Wilderness Camp Essentials Stationery Labels Journals and Stamps

Wilderness Camp Essentials >> Stationery, Labels, Journals & Stamps

Science & Tech Summer Camp Essentials

Science & Tech Camp Essentials

Science & Tech Camp Essentials >> Stationery, Labels & Journals

Art & Music Camp Essentials

Arts & Music Camp Essentials Stationery Labels Stamps & Journals

Arts & Music Camp Essentials >> Stationery Labels Stamps & Journals

Sports Summer Camp Essentials

Sports Camp Essentials >> Stationery Labels & Journals

Sports Camp Essentials >> Stationery, Labels & Journals


If you happen to be looking for a great stay at home, online camp experience, consider checking out Connected Camps. They claim they will “ignite your child’s passion for tech this summer by connecting them to their inspiring online community of coders, builders, designers, and engineers.” Connected Camps offers week long co-ed and girls-only camps for kids 8-13 years old. And because each camp day is only 2 hours long, your children will still have plenty of unstructured outdoor play time. Best yet, these camps offer fun, affordable, learning experiences! 

Check out the online summer camps in Minecraft at

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