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Roseanne Reboot Viewing Party

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Roseanne Reboot Viewing Party

Roseanne Reboot Viewing Party

Roseanne Reboot Viewing Party

Yep! We all know by now that after almost 30 years, Roseanne is about to get a reboot! So gather your family and friends around your tv and prepare to have some fun! Also, be sure to set your DVRs to ABC on Tuesday March 27, 2018 at 8/7C. so you can eat, drink and watch the episode without feeling a time crunch.

Roseanne Returns to ABC

Roseanne Reboot Viewing Party Ideas

What sparked this inspiration, you ask? We happened upon a post from our friends over at GreatGets reminding us of the iconic Roseanne Chicken Shirt and you guessed it, we just had to plan a viewing party around it! So the entire theme for this party is the iconic chicken shirt design. It turns out that with a click of a button you can put the chicken shirt design on just about anything. And yes we are beyond excited.

Roseanne Chicken Shirt Design

Roseanne Chicken Shirt Design >>  Think invitations, paper plates, napkins, cups, and yes beer bottle labels and trucker hats!

As for food and drink suggestions, we say stick to chicken wings and beer! If you want to go all out think mini chicken sandwiches, deviled eggs and egg salad canapés.

Chicken and Egg Dishes

Chicken and Egg Dishes

One last thought, you might also want to pre-party by watching old episodes of the original Roseanne series. You can stream them on  TV Land and they are also available as both DVDs and Prime Video on Amazon 

Roseanne Reboot Viewing Party Wear >> Think Chicken Shirt

And even if you decide to make this a very low key evening, you absolutely MUST wear chicken shirts! Be sure to order your shirts today so they will arrive in time!

Party Hearty!

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