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Party Venues and Travel Arrangements for Out of Town Guests

Three simple words … location, location, location.  Book early and  and think out of the box.

After determining your party budget, the two most difficult decisions you will make are determining where to host your celebration party and deciding seating arrangements  (but more on seating arrangements later).  It is worth spending a bit of time exploring your options.  Remember to keep an open mind.  All venues have advantages and disadvantages.  Most venues will not appeal to you instantly.  You will need to use your imagination.  They are often designed to be generic boxes .  You will bring the room to life with your design choices.  Some venues require more design than others.  Please keep your budget in mind throughout this process.  The more design elements needed, the more it will cost.  Sometimes, a beautiful room or amazing setting or view  will cost more for the rental fee but will stand on its own, thereby requiring less money be spent on decor.  Again, there are always trade-offs.  I also recommend thinking out of the box. Think about your family and the guest of honor.  If you are a very casual, fun loving family on a tight budget, you may want to consider using your local bowling alley, community center gymnasium, or local park, weather permitting.  If you are looking for an more formal affair, hotel ballrooms, local country clubs and event halls may be a better option. Do not forget to explore the options  available at your local museums, aquariums., and art galleries.  Also, your favorite restaurant may be willing to accommodate you either in their party room or possibly even reserving the entire facility for your party.  Do not hesitate to ask; the worse they can say is no.  Seriously consider using your church or temple multi-purpose room but be sure to inquire about any dietary or entertainment restrictions which may apply.  Finally, do not forget to consider hosting the celebration in your home especially if you want a warmer, more intimate feel.

Search the internet for your particular event venues, wedding, party, event locations + your town name or nearest metropolitan area.  Even if you are not hosting a wedding, searching under wedding will give you a broader range of options.

Factors  to consider may include the hotel's proximity to  your party/service venue and also the quality of the guest rooms.  If you do host your party at a hotel it would be very convenient for your out of town guests  if they were also staying at the hotel.

Party Hearty!

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