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First and foremost …

Decide on a party budget. NEVER, NEVER, NEVER fool yourself into believing that this party or any celebration is worth going into debt for.  Remember, most personal parties are for celebrating family and friends.  Business events are designed to increase profits through good will.  You can host a beautiful and festive celebration on any budget.  Having said that, remember you must be realistic.  You cannot host a formal seated dinner for 300 with decor, entertainment, and fancy party clothes for a few hundred dollars. Instead, if you have a very limited budget, consider a lovely party at home, a fun celebration at a bowling alley, or a casual beach picnic.  Hard choices must be made at every budget level — you will need to set your priorities but be open to thinking outside of the box.  Sometimes your original party ideas will “morph” and take on a life of its own, completely different than your original concept.  This is ok — sometimes it is best to just go with it.   Sit down and pencil out the numbers.  Choose the number of guests, venue, entertainment, and so on based on your real budget numbers.  Always, always figure that your costs will run over.  We recommend building in at least 10% more than you expect each item to cost.  In the worst case scenario, you will spend less than expected!  Do not forget to include tax and gratuities in your budget. Just as the details matter in party planning, the costs all add up.

Budget Calculator

Budget Calculator has created a wonderful tool — just tell them your overall budget, number of guests, and number of attendants (fill in 0 if you are not planning a wedding) and their budget calculator determines how much you should spend on each category i.e. invitations, flowers and decorations, clothing, food and drink, entertainment, and more.

Gratuity Guidelines





Start planning your celebration now!

Just point and click your way to a meaningful, beautiful, festive celebration.



Identify your event …………Party Theme Ideas

Identify your event….                                              ….. Party Theme Ideas




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