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Music Theme Party Planning Ideas Supplies

Featured Music Theme Party Supplies >> Rock On Children’s Birthday Party Invitations | Saxophone Mylar Balloon | Hog Wild Blues Benders – Blind Betty | Jazz Trumpet Player Standee | Vintage Music Flower Bouquet

The Melodies of Life >> Music Party Theme

Whether you like playing music or listening to it, a music party theme hits all the right notes.

This music theme celebration package focuses primarily on a classical and jazz style “look” although we have thrown in a few rock and roll party ideas too. 

Music Party Theme Invitations

Choosing your invitation is the equivalent of the title of a paper … it sets the tone for the entire party, even a casual party! We found lots of great music theme invitations from which to choose. Here are a few of our favorites

  Rock On Children's Birthday Party Invitations

Rock On Children's Birthday Party Invitations

bright music symbols invitations  Piano note music party invitation

Bright Music Symbols Invitations | Piano note invitation

Party Time Music Invitations, Music Theme Party Planning, Ideas & Supplies

Party Time Music Theme Invitation

Elegant Return Address

The custom embosser is all about sophistication. Now you can easily add some elegance to everyday stationery or as an elegant alternative to having your return addresses printed on your party invitation envelopes. They also make wonderful gifts. You will be surprised at how often you use your new embosser.

Custom Embosser

Custom embossers

Music Party Theme Placemats

Scrapbook paper makes inexpensive placemats!

Music Theme Scrapbook Paper, Music Party Theme

Music Theme Scrapbook Paper

Music Party Theme Centerpieces

OMG! Look what we just found!

Use a different instrument on each table or a metal musician sculpture

 Metal Trumpet Table Decor  Miniature Replica Guitar

Metal Trumpet Table Decor | Miniature Replica Guitar

Metal Musicians

Metal Musicians

Metal Musician Orchestra Set

5″ Metal Musician Orchestra Set (also sold separately)

Less expensive music theme centerpiece options.

   Colorful Music Lollipop Bouquet  80s Boom Box Centerpiece

Colorful Music Lollipop Bouquet | 80's – Boom Box Centerpiece

 Multi-Color Musical Notes Foil Spray Centerpiece    Musical Notes Centerpiece  Black and Silver Musical Notes Foil Spray Centerpiece

Multi-Color Musical Notes Foil Spray CenterpieceMusical Notes Centerpiece | Black and Silver Musical Notes Foil Spray Centerpiece

musical-notes-centerpiece-pack-of-12    musical-notes-centerpiece-pack-of-12

Musical Notes Centerpiece | Musical Notes Centerpiece

Rock the Night Centerpiece   Cassette Tape Mixtape Lighted Centerpiece

Rock the Night CenterpieceCassette Tape Mixtape Lighted Centerpiece

Birthday Party Baby Shower Music Makers Party Centerpiece    Music Themed Party Cakestand Centerpiece

Birthday Party Baby Shower Music Makers Party CenterpieceMusic Themed Party Cake Stand Centerpiece (add your own cupcakes)

And finally, we are a bit obsessed with the idea of using vintage sheet music to create origami shapes to use as bouquets.  Simply add a vase.

 Mini Star and Flower Sheet Music Bouquet   Paper Bouquet Made from Vintage Sheet Music

Golden flowers Sheet Music Centerpiece ideas

Mini Star and Flower Bouquet | Flower Bouquet | Golden Flowers Sheet Music 

Fun Music Party Table Decor


 Multi-Color Musical Notes Confetti  Music Note Confetti

Musical Notes Confetti

Music Party Napkin Rings

Although no longer trendy, silly bandz still make fun and inexpensive napkin rings/party favors

Silly Bandz Rock Bandz  Rock and Rebel Silly Bandz

Silly Bandz Rock Bandz | Rock and Rebel Silly Bandz

Just fold your napkin beautifully and place adornment in the pocket.

 Music Note Openwork Bookmark with Tassel  Symphony Music Note Bottle Opener

Music Note Openwork Bookmark with Tassel | Symphony Music Note Bottle Opener

Music Party Place Card Ideas

You have plenty of musical themed choices — some kitschy, others classic …

 Music Note Place Card Photo Holder  Whimsical music stand place card holders

Music Note Place Card/Photo HolderWhimsical music stand place card holders

Music sheet guest book table numbers

Sheet Music Guest Book Table Numbers

Music Party Favors

Rock & Roll Benders and Blues Band Benders are the perfect keepsake for a musically themed celebration plus they will add a playful, fun design element to your tables. Be sure to have them set-up at each place setting. Write ” Daniel’s 30th Birthday”. April 28, 2007″ in Sharpie or with a gold metallic paint marker on each tin. Order 1 for each couple and 1 for each single friend. Prices vary — the fun factor is definitely worth the splurge.

 Hog Wild Blues Benders – Wet Willie   Hog Wild Blues Benders – Blind Betty

Hog Wild Blues Benders – Wet Willie | Hog Wild Blues Benders – Blind Betty



Musical Instrument keychains  Guitar-Shaped Bubble Necklace Party Favors

Musical Instrument keychains >> these can double as party favors & napkin rings! | Guitar-Shaped Bubble Necklace Party Favors

Boom Box Favor Boxes

Boom Box Favor Boxes

Music Themed Candles

Music Notes Frosted-Glass Tea Light Holder

Music Notes Frosted-Glass Tea Light Holder

Music Theme Paper Goods

We are obsessed with Crated Rockstar Music Themed Party In a Box. In our experience, sometimes it is so worth it to spend a little extra to simplify our lives!

rockstar music karaoke guitar party supplies in a crate

Music Themed Party Supplies Crated

Music Note Printed Ultimate Party Pack

Music Note Printed Ultimate Party Pack 

Music Theme Napkins

No matter how formal or casual your party, fun beverage napkins will get your celebration off to a festive start. Choose one style or mix and match all styles to add a bit of punch to your cocktail hour. Order 5-6 napkins per guest figuring everyone has 1-2 drinks, and 3-4 appetizers each.

 Sheet Music Beverage Napkins   Orchestra Cocktail Napkins

 Sheet Music Beverage Napkins | Orchestra Cocktail Napkins

Piano Luncheon Napkin    Concerto Paper Cocktail Napkins

Piano Luncheon Napkin | Concerto Paper Cocktail Napkins

Music Party Decorations and Props


 Music of the Night Decorating Kit   Rock Star Decorating Kit

Music of the Night Decorating KitRock Star Decorating Kit

Jazz Trumpet Player Standee  Rock Star Giant Guitars

Jazz Trumpet Player StandeeRock Star Giant Guitars

Music Theme Balloons

 Musical Notes Balloons  Double Musical Note Mylar Balloon   Music Note Mylar Balloons

Musical Note BalloonsDouble Musical Note Mylar BalloonMusic Note Mylar Balloons

Saxophone Mylar Balloon     Guitar Shaped Mylar Balloon

Saxophone Mylar BalloonGuitar Shaped Mylar Balloon

Music Party Fun and Entertainment

  G Clef Sunglasses   Guitar Sunglasses

Music Sunglasses


 Inflatable Microphone   Glitter Microphone

Inflatable MicrophoneGlitter Microphone

Fun Inflatable Instruments

 Inflatable Musical Instruments   Rock Band Inflatable Instrument Set

Inflatable Musical Instruments | Rock Band Inflatable Instruments | More Musical Party Fun



Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 11.10.02 AM  Rocker Girl Guitar Pinata

Rock Guitar Piñata | Rocker Girl Guitar Piñata | More Guitar Piñatas

Music Theme Printable Games

 Printable History of Jazz Trivia Game   Printable Rock Music Trivia Game

Printable History of Jazz Trivia Game | Printable Rock Music Trivia Game

Printable I Know That Song   Printable Color of Music Trivia

Printable I Know That Song | Printable Color of Music Trivia

Music Theme Food and Drink

Music Theme Candy Molds

Music Theme Candy Molds

Assorted Musical Notes Chocolate Mold | String Trio Chocolate Mold | Guitar Chocolate Mold | Musical Instrument Chocolate Mold

   Musical 7 Piece Cookie Cutter Set   Music Notes Cupcake Topper Picks

Musical 7 Piece Cookie Cutter Set | Music Notes Cupcake Topper Picks

Music Theme Home and Garden Decor

 Music Notes - Coasters   COOL JAZZ Guitar Ice Tray and Stirrers

Music Notes Coasters | Fred Cool Jazz Ice Cube Tray

Music Lover Gifts

   Personalized Harmonica   Personalized Sterling Guitar Pick Necklace

Personalized HarmonicaPersonalized Sterling Guitar Pick Necklace

REUGE Grand Piano Music Box Grand Piano Music Box   White Wooden Piano Music Box

Piano Music Boxes

Music Theme Cufflinks

Music Themed Cufflinks

Pick Cases shaped like Guitars Banjos & Mandolins

Pick Cases Shaped like Guitars, Banjos & Mandolins

Party Hearty!

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