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Best Summer Signature Drink – Iced Tea Cocktails!

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Festive Ways to Enjoy Your Iced Tea Cocktails, Best Summer Signature Drink

Iced Tea Cocktails

To Health. To Life. To Tea.
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Looking for the newest craze in signature cocktails?  Think  Iced Tea Cocktails!  Tea cocktails are innovative, refreshing, and healthier than other high-caloric options.  Best yet, tea cocktails, one of life’s simplest pleasures, are  not only easy to prepare, they are sure to delight family and friends.  They work equally well served at a barbeque, poolside, ladies night in, dinner party, or even fundraising gala.

The White Tea Smash created by Kevin Burke of Colt & Gray is seriously amazing.  (See recipe below.)  This tea tonic uses fresh herbs, lemon, honey, vodka, and Teatulia White Tea.   Another one of our favorite drinks is the Green Tea Mint Julep. (See recipe below.) The Green Tea Mint Julep contains Teatulia Green Tea, whiskey, simple syrup, lemon, and mint.  It is the perfect drink for a hot summer night or your next A Day at the Races – Horse Racing Theme Party.

Creating your very own tea concoction can be fun!  All you have to do is mix and match various types of tea and alcohol with your favorite herbs, fruit, and citrus.  Half the fun is experimenting!  You can also find additional recipes such as the Tequila Cilantro Cocktail and Green Tea Ginger Cooler on Teatulia(Be sure to have at least a few non-alcoholic pitchers available for any designated drivers and/or non-imbibers!)

If you are still stumped or would like to learn more about making iced tea and tea cocktails, I suggest watching the tips given on this short clip featuring Teatulia on the Everyday Show:

White Tea Smash

(Submitted by Kevin Burke from Colt & Gray)

Glass: Tall Collins Glass
Garnish: Thyme Sprig

2 sprigs Fresh Thyme
1/6 Lemon
.25 oz. Honey
1.5 oz. Vodka
3 oz. Chilled, brewed White Tea

Muddle 1 sprig Thyme with Piece of lemon in honey to extract oil. Add Vodka, tea, and ice. Top with soda water. Garnish with remaining thyme sprig.

Green Tea Mint Julep

(Submitted by Justin Russell from Corridor44)

2 oz. Teatulia green tea
1.5 oz. Stranahans Colorado whiskey
Half a lemon squeezed
1.5 oz. simple syrup

To make the drink, start with a sugar rim cocktail glass. Muddle the mint, lemon juice, and sugar in the glass. Then add crushed ice, and pour the tea and the whiskey over the ice. Garnish with mint and lemon. Drink!

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Why not give each of these approaches to brewing iced tea a try? Each offers tea lovers a subtle difference when compared to the other techniques. The beauty of enjoying iced tea is that it is simple to prepare.

(Option 1-Brewing)
First, brew hot tea as you normally would, then pour over ice. It is recommended to chill the tea before pouring over ice to prevent dilution.

(Option 2-Make a Concentrate)
Brew your tea with a higher ratio of tea to water than usual. For example, use 15 Teatulia pyramid bags per gallon of water to make a concentrate. Dilute the concentrate as you are ready to enjoy it.

(Option 3-Sweet Tea)
First, boil water and prepare tea as you normally would. However, while you are doing this, boil one cup of water and 3/4 cup of sugar, stirring and mixing this combination as it heats. After steeping the tea bags, add the sugar mixture, then mix well. Garnish with lemon or a sprig of mint—or whatever you wish.

More Iced Tea Cocktails Recipes!

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Teatulia Fine Teas

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