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The Classic Tuxedo – Men’s Formal Wedding Attire | To Rent or To Own?

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The Classic Tuxedo – Men's Formal Wedding Attire

The best argument for investing in your own tuxedo!

After hours spent scoping out every tuxedo on the market, I finally chose a designer tuxedo I thought would be perfect for our wedding. I immediately called my husband to have him pass on the details to his dad (his best man), his brothers, and the other groomsmen. In my very own bridezilla moment I completely lost it when my now husband called and said that my tux choice was a “no go” – he informed me that his dad explained that the men in his family do not get married in a rented tuxedo.

At the time, I thought the response was “uppity” and did not see the need for my husband or his groomsmen to own their own tuxes. 30 years later, as my husband dons his wedding tux for the hundredth time, I must admit I was wrong.  Every single time he puts on that very same tuxedo he wore to our wedding it brings me back to that very special day and reminds me of just how much I loved him that day and every day since.

Buying Formal Wedding Attire

If we were doing it all over today, there is no doubt the men in our wedding party, all eyes upon them, would have walked down the aisle in After Six Tuxedos purchased from Dessy. Dessy offers three modern classic style jackets. You can choose between a shawl collar, a peak collar or a notch collar. All three are special enough for the groom's own wedding day, as well as ideal for any formal occasion he may attend for many years to come. Retailing for just $199, all three suits are handsomely complemented by After Six's Formal Accessories including ties, pocket squares, vests and more.

Additionally, all accessories come in a wide range of colors matching bridesmaid dresses by the Dessy Group. Shop the entire tuxedo look or browse through Dessy's complete collection of men's formal wear.

Finally, reward your groom and groomsmen for donning formal attire by letting them kick off those stiff, uncomfortable patent leather oxford shoes at the reception — provide them with flip flops!

 Mens Black White Wedding Flip Flops  Mens_ REEF_Flip_Flops  Mens_Destination_Wedding_Flip_Flop  

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