Discounted Children’s Bicycles

Cardboard BikeYahoo News does it again – something catches my fancy and suddenly I am diverted from the task at hand onto a whole other direction.  Check out this cardboard bicycle that its Israeli inventor says can change the world – and priced at just $20.00, he might be right!

Discounted Children's Bicycles

So suddenly I began wondering with Christmas just around the corner, how much are children's bikes these days?  Not surprisingly I went directly to my first stop for almost anything and everything –  The sheer number of adorable children's bicycles was a bit overwhelming for a simple off-task activity so I decided to narrow my choices down to bikes that are currently being offered at 50% -70% off.    So here's what I found — bikes ranged from an affordable girls  white bike reduced 70% from $130.00 to $38.79  to a kids Ferrari red bike reduced 52% from $524.00 to a still pricey $249.95. In between there was a cute pink and purple bicycle priced at $62.96 and a Transformers fan dream bike reduced 68% to $77.48.  I know many of you wait until black Friday to purchase your holiday gifts but sometimes the stress of finding the right deal on the right day is a bit much so consider taking advantage of Amazon's huge selection of products priced at 70% off everyday and begin stocking up on this year's Christmas and birthday presents!

Party Hearty!

Make Every Day a 100/0 Principle Day

 Action + Relationships = Results

Make Every Day a 100/0 Principle Day

Designate  your next teacher institute day, company team building event, or any day, 100/0 Principle Day and then turn it into a month long effort!

Looking for innovative ways to inspire your team without investing in a major team building initiative?  Invest limited resources and lots of energy into instituting the 100/0 Principle company wide.  Start by implementing a 100/0 Principle Day modeled after Smith College’s Mountain Day where every year, the president chooses a beautiful fall day and announces a holiday  day off  to re-invigorate the soul by ringing the college bells.  Even though you most likely won’t choose to give employees a day off,  incorporate the concept of taking authentic responsibility for a relationship  into the day’s normal routine.  The operative words should be kindness and respect and patience with zero tolerance for anything less.  This is a good day to review your company's  harassment policies and  conduct company-wide harassment training. Continue Reading →