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“You’re Tagged” Graffiti Costume Party

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Graffiti Theme Party Planning, Ideas & Supplies

Graffiti Party – You're Tagged!

Create an urban edginess to your party — consider a graffiti theme.This theme is especially suited for Greek and college parties, sweet sixteen and teen parties, and Bar and Bat Mitzvah celebrations.

Graffiti Invitations

Graffiti Theme Party invitations

Graffiti Invitations

At times, formal invitations seem unnecessary and even down right boring, especially in the context of a college party. Hand deliver white t-shirts (and if you want, white shorts or sweat pants ) to all your guests. Write all the essential party info on the shirt with multi-colored fabric markers. The day of your party, think about shooting t-shirts with sling shots (like they do at professional ballgames) into crowds around campus. As an aside, be sure to have lots of markers available at the party so everyone can leave their mark on everyone else.

Graffiti Party Decor

eHow contributing writer Allana Baroni has written a great ehow step by step on how to decorate for a Hip-Hop Graffiti Themed Party . Rather than re-invent the wheel, here are her suggestions:

Step One
Think Soho loft space. Get rid of excess furniture, breakables and stainables. Throw white sheets over your furniture, rest blank canvases on easels (raid toy stores for inexpensive ones), and lay drop cloths on the floor to catch any drips (art supply stores carry this kind of stuff).

Step Two
Space 2 step ladders about 6 feet apart and rest planks across the steps to create the bar. New tin paint cans from the hardware store make great ice buckets and containers for bar supplies.

Step Three
Line a wall of the party area with matte black paper, sold by the roll, for guests to tag up with chalk. Make sure the paper isn't glossy, because the chalk won't stick if it is.

Step Four
Attach big sheets of plain white paper or muslin (found at art stores) to another wall for the paint and markers.

Step Five
Throw up outlines of letters and images for your taggers to fill in. It will help them overcome their fear of creativeness.

Step Six
If your guests want to tag it and take it, bust out the old jeans, T-shirts, thrift store purses, and athletic shoes. Have glittery and puffy fabric paints, paint pens and markers available (found at craft supply stores).

Graffiti Materials

White Roll of Paper  Black Drop Cloth  White Drop Cloth
White Roll of Paper | |Black Drop Cloth | White Drop Cloth

Fabric Markers    Mini Paint Can Favor

Multi-colored fabric markers |  Mini Paint Can Favor

How to Draw Graffiti Style      The Art & Technique of Graffiti

How to Draw Graffiti Style | The Art & Technique of Graffiti

Party Decor

Graffiti Theme Party Decorations & Props

Colorful Graffiti Art Posters | More Graffit Decor & Props and Party Supplies 

Graffiti Wall Backdrop
Graffiti And Brick Wall Backdrop & Coordinating Porps & Banners |

Check out these photos from an upscale graffiti party for inspiration

The Graffiti Street of New York…Bar Mitzvah | Mindy Weiss Blog

Costumes & Apparel

These simple white t-shirts, shorts, and sweatpants are the perfect “costume” for both men and women at graffiti party! Of course part of the fun of a graffiti theme party is having other people “tag” your outfit.

White T-shirts     White Sweatpants    White Boxers

White T-Shirts | White Sweatpants | White Shorts & White Boxers

Not into DIY? Try these graffiti inspired t-shirts, shoes, ties

Graffiti writer with spray can stencil shirt  Graffitis story design shirt   Rock Star Graffiti tie

Graffiti writer with spray can stencil | Graffitis story design | Rock Star Graffiti Tie

Graffiti Costumes and Accessories

Graffiti Costume | Graffiti Leggings | Steve Madden Graffiti Heels

Just for Fun Graffiti Party

Paint Brush Shaped Candy and Lollipops

Paint Brush Shaped Candy & Lollipops

Food & Drink!

Serve beer or colorful drinks.  Think Tequila Sunrise and Rainbow Sherbert Punch.

For food anything mixed together, the more colorful the better  —  snack mix (be sure to add m&ms), fruit salads, chunky vegetable salads (Horiatiki salad), spaghetti and meatballs, an everything pizza.

Graffiti Party Food Ideas

Be sure to visit Party Idea Pros Greek Events for more party planning ideas, themes and party supplies

Party Hearty!

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  • Jon
    November 13, 2010 at 4:43 am

    This is such a cool idea! i decided to hire a graffiti artist for my graffiti party. I had live art where graffiti artists we’re drawing onto boards on the wall and t-shirt customisation where my guests could get their shirts tagged by the best artists! It made a truly personalised and customisable party!

    I hired the artists from in London. They work across the UK in Manchester, Birmingham and Bristol.

    They also made giant standees of my guests of honour. Wicked!

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