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LVII Super Bowl Invitations, Party Supplies & Party Planning Tips

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Despite cocky assertions of dominance and armchair pundit  predictions, nobody really knows who will be playing in Super Bowl  LVII. Nonetheless, it is none to early to begin planning your Super Bowl 2023 viewing party.  Mark your calendars and send out these fabulous Super Bowl Invitations today.

LVII Super Bowl Invitations, Party Supplies & Party Planning Tips

After your invitations go out, you have just 2 weeks to plan the rest of your  Super Bowl viewing party!  Your first step will be to decide whether you  want your party to be a neutral zone or cater to the teams' fan bases.  You can choose traditional  football party decor or go with the team colors, banners, flags, and decorations.

We also recommend you plan on at least a few football party games  just in case there is a lull in the conversation or the football game is a blowout. If you are watching a game on television, let your guests make the calls — provide individual penalty flags – just picture a room full of people tossing their flags all at once!  Madden Football 2023 is always good for hours of football fun. For the young at heart, pinatas are a great way to end any party.  Years ago we met the fellow who created Fiki finger Football and have been obsessed ever since!  And  printable games are quick, economical, and easy to execute party fillers.

Update: Super Bowl LVII (2023) Party Plates, Napkins, Cups, & Table Covers!

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