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WOW Wedding Invitations >> Custom Pop-UP Invites

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Beach Vows Pop-Up Wow Wedding Invitations

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WOW Wedding Invitations >> Laser Cut Custom Pop-up Invites

Are you looking for WOW wedding invitations.  Something unique and memorable and gorgeous? A while back we were watching Shark Tank and were pretty impressed by LovePop‘s greeting cards. So this week when we received word Lovepop is now creating WOW wedding invitations, we had to share.  Yes, they are expensive but for the eye candy alone, it is worth checking them out! 

Why We Love LovePop's Wow Wedding Invitations

Elements of a LovePop Wedding Invitation

  • Each Lovepop Wedding Invitation is a Timeless Keepsake >> Invitations are the first experience guests have with the wedding, and they really set the tone for things to come.
  • Personalized Themes >> Lovepop integrates personalized color pallettes and distinct style into every aspect of the invitations.
  • Every Card is 3D >> All the wedding invitations are bi-fold and include an amazing 3D element.

LovePop's Wow Wedding Invitation Inspiration Gallery

Here are a few invitations fellow brides designed with the folks at LovePop.

Skyline Pop-Up Wow Wedding Invitation

Wow Wedding Invitation>> Skyline Pop-Up Invites

Mountain Ranch Pop-Up Wow Wedding Invitation

Wow Wedding Invitation >> Mountain Ranch Pop-Up Invites

Lobster Nautical Theme Pop-Up Wow Wedding Invitation

Wow Wedding Invitation >> Lobster Nautical Theme Pop-Up Invites

One more crazy thought >> how about mounting your invitations on lucite or wood blocks and using them as table centerpieces at either your wedding or rehearsal dinner.  Add flowers or not.

Party Hearty! 

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