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Wonder Woman Party & Gift Ideas!

Wonder Woman, the dashing and dazzling, the iconic super heroine reminds us that inside every woman is a Mighty Aphrodite full of courage, confidence and charisma. ~M·A·C

Just in time for International's Women's Day (celebrated annually on March 8th), explore this great compilation of Wonder Woman gifts and accessories including fabulous Wonder Woman party supplies, pajamas, flip flops, aprons, jewelry, greeting cards, home decor, and of course, comic books! These wonder woman party and gift ideas make perfect birthday and Mother's Day gifts and any day girlfriend gifts to celebrate the wonder woman within all of us.

Wonder Woman Party & Gift Ideas!

Wonder Woman Party & Gift Ideas

Make it a POWerful Day with Wonder Woman Party & Gift Ideas

Top 5 Essentials for Hosting a Fabulous Wonder Woman Party

  1. Set the tone for the party with a wonderful invitation.
  2. Think Red, Blue & Yellow. Use these colors everywhere including all eats and drinks.
  3. Find unique and playful Wonder Woman themed party decor, centerpieces and tableware.
  4. Place speech and thought wall bubbles throughout your party space. Fill out a few with fun words and phrases like Kaboom and Mission Accomplished to inspire your guests to add their own words of empowerment!
  5. Add a costume element to you party by offering Wonder Woman crowns, cuffs and capes to all your guests.

And now on to Everything Wonder Woman…


We are obsessed with this POW! Dogeared Necklace! Although it is not 100% Wonder Woman it is embraces the empowerment theme!

How darling are these personalized superhero pillowcases! Use our exclusive promo code SUMMERTIME to take 50% OFF!!!

TFAW Wonder Woman Banner

Wonder Woman Invitations

Wonder Woman Place Settings, Paper Goods, and Party Kits

Look what we found! Licensed DC Comics Wonder Woman Paper Plates!!!!!

Or pack a  picnic  Use solid colored paper goods and add a wonder woman sticker in the middle of each plate and on the cups.

True Blue Paper Party Supplies   Classic Red Paper Goods  Yellow Paper Party Pack
Paper Party Packs  | Solid Paper Tableware

Star Straws

Star Straws

Drinks for your Wonder Woman Celebration

Cannot help but love the colors!. These bottles also work great as simple centerpieces. Line 3 Jones Soda bottles down the center of your table. Add just a few flowers in each –either all daisies or one red, one yellow, and one blue flower.

Wonder Woman Plates

Personalize your party plates!

More POWerful Party Supplies!

Although not pure Wonder Woman, these DC Comics Super Hero Girl Party Supplies will do the trick!

Wonder Woman Inspired Birthday Party Plates

Wonder Woman Inspired Birthday Party Plates

TFAW Wonder Woman Banner

Wonder Woman Party Centerpieces

Keep the look playful, almost cartoon like. Use tissue paper flowers! Add a few pinwheels and balloons for more pizazz.

Red Metal Decorative Bucket Flower Vases  Royal Blue Tissue Hanging Paper Pom Poms    Red Tissue Honeycomb Ball Party Decorations

Red Metal Decorative Bucket Flower Vases | Tissue Paper Pom Poms >> Blue | Red

or DIY 

Yellow Tissue Paper Brilliant Blue Tissue Paper   Red Tissue Paper

Yellow Tissue Paper | Blue Tissue Paper | Red Tissue Paper | Pipe Cleaners

Paper to Petal - How to Make Paper Flowers   Paper Blooms - How to Make Paper Flowers

Paper FlowersTissue Flower Kits

Pinwheels      Wonder Woman Plush

Pinwheels | Wonder Woman Plushies

Just lean these adorable wonder woman plushies against your vase.


Red Star Foil Balloons Blue Star Foil Balloons

 Red Star Foil Balloons | Blue Star Foil Balloons

Red Latex Balloons  Blue Matte Balloons    Yellow Matte Latex Balloons

Red Balloons | Blue Balloons | Yellow Matte Latex Balloons

Paper Lanterns

Use Wonder Woman posters for party decor!

Wonder Woman Poster     Wonder Woman Poster    Wonder Woman Retro Metal Tin Sign

Wonder Woman DC Comics Poster | BIG Wonder Woman Poster |  Retro Metal Tin Sign


Zazzle Wonder Woman Store

Wonder Woman Printable Party Decor

Wonder Woman Party Decor meets Wonder Woman Party Activity

Place speech and thought wall bubbles throughout your party space. Fill out a few with fun words and phrases like Kaboom and Mission Accomplished to inspire your guests to add their own words of empowerment!

Speech bubbles  Speech bubbles wall decals

Speech bubbles | Speech bubbles wall decals | Washable Markers (10)

Wonder Woman Place Cards and Party Favors

Consider gluing the speech bubbles to dowel rods and displaying them the in a red metal decorative bucket flower vases

Speech Bubbles Speech Bubble Sticky Notes

Speech bubbles

Use bright colored marker to write the guests’ names on the front page of each pad.  These pads cam also double as party favors or to save some money divide the pad into halves or even thirds.  Another option is to mount a single sheet on a a bright red, blue or yellow piece of cardstock.

Sometimes less is more.  Just place these fun red lips or a yellow twizzler tied in a knot at each place setting.

Golden Lasso Twizzlers Tied in a Knot     JUJU Lips      Red Wax Lips Candy
Golden Lassos” (yellow twizzler tied in a knot)
 | JuJu Lips | Red Wax Lips Candy

Wonder Woman Home Decor and Accessories

.These lunch boxes and tote trays can be used on buffet tables as decor and then raffled off as party prizes. We also like the idea of using the lunch box as a way to display appetizers.

Wonder Woman Tote Bags

 Tote Bags

Wonder Woman Glass Gift Drink Set    Wonder_Woman_Pint_Glass_Set

Wonder Woman Glasses |  Wine Glasses

Wonder Woman Apparel and Jewelry

Wonder Woman Superhero Pajamas Wonder Woman Cami and Panty Set
 Pajamas |  Cami & Panty Set

Don't forget the bling!

Wonder Woman Cuff With Star      Wonder Woman Star Crown

 Cuff With StarWonder Woman Star Crown

Gotta love these Wonder Woman Flip Flops!

More Fun Wonder Woman Stuff!

Wonder Woman Gifts

Wonder Woman Gifts >> Eyeglass Case | Socks | Lounge Pants | SlippersKnapsack  

Wonder Woman T-Shirts 

Wonder Woman Dolls, Toys & Games

Wonder Woman Books Toys & Costumes

Wonder Woman Books, Toys & Costumes

  Wonder Woman the Complete First Season   Wonder Woman 2 Disc Special Edition

Wonder Woman: The Complete First Season |  The Complete Collection | Wonder Woman 2009 (Two-Disc Special Edition)

Wonder Woman Graphic Novels / Comics

Here are just a few of the many Wonder Woman comics available

SuperheroStuff Wonder Woman Shop


Party Hearty!


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