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Wedding Welcome Bag Ideas & Inspiration!

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Wedding Welcome Bag Ideas & Inspiration!

With so many decisions to be made during the course of planning a wedding too often the welcome bag is left to the last minute and then the whole process can get a bit overwhelming.  Chances are your first stop is Pinterest – we know ours is. Once there, we inevitably fall victim to what we like to call Pinterest envy. OMG everything is stunning and every little detail is addressed in a chic & stylish way.  But then we start pricing out all those details and after all is said and done some of those “little bags” filled can cost upwards of $50.00 each.  We don't know about you, but the thought of spending $5000 on 100 welcome bags seems insane.  Plus, we are not huge fans of plastering the bride and grooms face on every water bottle and mint tin but rather prefer to choose one signature item and make that item special – think welcome to our wedding weekend Four Panel Invitations!

In the featured collage, we worked with one of our favorite couples to put together something special yet reasonable.  Their gorgeous save the date card arrived in a simple kraft envelope and featured an outline of the state of their destination wedding so we mirrored that look in the welcome bags by choosing an equally simple yet chic kraft gable box that we can hand stamp an outline of the groom's home state and the bride's home state side by side and hand dot them together much like the examples below. We don't even think it is necessary to add text – the graphic says it all. Stamp them in your wedding colors.

And to add a just a bit of bling, we would like to hang a tiny glass heart or gold plated charm or even little heart-shaped LOVE charms from the handle. Inside we prefer to keep it simple too – (2) small water bottles (this particular box has a maximum height of 5 inches), something sweet, something salty, something celebratory or whimsical, mints, maybe a breakfast or energy bar, and of course a lovely welcome book that includes a welcome letter, a weekend itinerary with directions, and a list of local attractions.

Beach Wedding Welcome Bags

Welcome your out of town guests to your beach wedding! Fill these reusable beach wedding welcome bags with everything your guests will need to enjoy your wedding weekend. Think maps, water bottles, sweets, mints, and anything else you can think of. Afterwards your guests can fold it up, pack it, and re-live the memories of your special weekend every time they go shopping. (And yes, for the first time, we actually tried our hand at designing something because we thought there was a huge void in reasonably priced wedding welcome bags – let us know what your thing!)

Keep checking back for more welcome bag inspiration!

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