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The Most Important Wedding Registry Tip (No One Will Ever Tell You)

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Wedding Registy Essentials

Wedding Registry Essentials >> Starter Collections    **We want to make sure you are fully aware that  we will be compensated  if you click on any of our links and later register or buy from Zola. We have also been paid to write this post. We seldom agree to write posts for compensation but since we fell in love with Zola's registry and would have written the exact same post with or without compensation, we decided it was ok to accept their offer 🙂

The Most Important Wedding Registry Tip (No One Will Ever Tell You)

Hey ladies! Today we have one bit of advice that we are pretty certain no one has ever shared with you before. It runs contrary to popular opinion and may even make the super sweet brides among you balk. Every single bride-to-be we knows falls into this same trap. She never ever registers for enough gifts for the number of guests invited to all of the events hosted in her honor, let alone for enough expensive gifts. Yes, you read that right, you need to register for more luxury goods and big-ticket items.

Your wedding registry is NOT the place to prove to the world you are simple and have little need for worldly goods. If that is truly the case, simply do not register. Filling out your wedding registry is the time to be both practical and aspirational. It is not greedy to like nice things. Clearly your guests have lots of choices and hopefully, will be able to find something lovely to gift in their price range.

Gifts Couples Love and Guests Love to Give

You very well may need practical gifts like kitchen essentials. But you should also register for the kitchen knives your fiancé has been eyeing. Why should you register for a basic sheet set when you have been lusting for the Parachute linens featured all over Instagram and Pinterest. (And by the way, we stop by the Parachute store in Venice, California regularly when working in our Santa Monica office. Their linens really are as luscious as they look!))

We promise you, friends of your parents or grandparents really have no interest in gifting you that random slotted spoon left on your list after your crew has bought up all the cute stuff for your couples cooking-themed wedding shower. They want to gift you something beautiful. They want to gift something substantial. And mostly, they want to envision you using their gift for the rest of your lives together. To reiterate, just because you have nice things on your list, it does NOT make your greedy!  Some registries, like Zola, even allow multiple guests to contribute to a single, more expensive gift.

Our New Favorite Wedding Registry

Generally speaking, guests who are close enough to you or you family feel honored to celebrate with you, and want to gift you something lovely. And not all of us are sufficiently organized to jump right on the gift giving train the moment your invitation arrives. We often only think about the gift a week or so before your celebration and by then everything good is gone.

So please, please, for your guests' sakes, do a better job of registering. Recently we happened upon  Zola (thank you Kevin & Kendall!) and are truly obsessed with their registry. In fact, we may make it our new “go to” gift giving resource, period. Zola has curated one of the best selections of beautiful we have seen in a very long time. So make it easy for yourself, and your guests, by registering with Zola. Seriously, they pretty much carry only the good stuff, in all price ranges.

Zola Best New Wedding Registry

Zola Wedding Planning and Registry Made Easy

Best New Wedding Registry >> Zola

Zola Makes Wedding Planning and Registry Easy

Plus Zola makes registering simple. From blenders to china to linens and mattresses, to furniture, to travel packages and experiences paid for through honeymoon funds, their online store carries everything couples love and everything guests love to give. Their easy-to-use tools guide you through the entire process. Plus, they have benefits like free shipping and returns, price matching, group gifting, and a friendly Registry Advisor is just a call or email away.

Additionally, beginning the day after you are married, they now offer registered couples 20% off at checkout for any remaining gifts on your registry for six months after your wedding date. That means if you had the foresight to register for that mattress or dresser you have always dreamed of even though you knew no one would gift it to you, you can buy it for yourself for 20% OFF! (exceptions apply so be sure to read the small print carefully before you get your heart set on any one item!)

Final thoughts …

  1. We are obsessed with Zola as both a wedding registry and as a gifting resource!
  2. Register for way more than you can possibly ever hope to receive, or even ever use. Between the various pre-wedding parties and the wedding itself you need to provide your guests with enough gifting choices, at all price points, to satisfy their need to shower you with gifts.
  3. Don't forget to add aspirational (aka luxury or big-ticket) gifts to your registry.
  4. Please, please try not to get too worked up while planning your wedding. Yes details matter, but mostly to you! Your guests truly do not care. They love you and just want to support you and share in your joy.

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