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A Couple’s Guide to Wedding Hashtags

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Couples Guide to Wedding Hashtags

Couple's Guide to Wedding Hashtags

A Couple's Guide to Wedding Hashtags

Need a little wedding hashtag help? We thought so 🙂 and could not believe our luck when the featured photo showed up on our Instagram feed today. We immediately knew we had to share this Modern Couple's Guide to Wedding Hashtags. Finally, a definitive guide to the best ways of incorporating hashtags into your wedding from start to finish.

When it comes to capturing the big day, today's couples are faced with more than just choosing a photographer. Picking wedding hashtags has become as ubiquitous as picking wedding stationery. After all, it's easy to see the benefits of having unique Instagram wedding hashtags. Your photographer can't be everywhere at once, so a hashtag allows you to collect special memories that your photographer might have missed. This guide will take you through everything from choosing the hashtag to getting your guests to actually use it.


  • Make it simple and unique. The last thing you want is someone else's wedding crashing your hashtag. If your last name is common, stay away from something like #WilliamsWedding which already has around 13k posts on Instagram!
  • Avoid acronyms. Chances are your guests won't be excited to use #ARW2020, let alone know how to spell it while enjoying themselves on the dance floor.
  • Capitalization is your friend. Words can get lost in a hashtag if there's no capitalization. For example, #ReedAndSamPartyOfTwo is a lot easier to read than #reedandsampartyoftwo.
  • Think wedding words. Start brainstorming around words like “hitched”, “newlyweds”, “happily ever after”, “tying the knot”, etc.
  • Use a hashtag generator. If you still can't think of anything, fear not. Check out hashtag generators online to make the planning easier.
  • Make sure your hashtag is actually available. Once you've come up with an idea, check if it's available by typing your hashtag into Instagram. Tip: double check this again right before the wedding.

Here are a few fun and unique hashtags to get you started







Creating the hashtag is only the beginning. It's up to you when you want people to start using it. Some brides start as soon as the first ring shot is posted, while others wait until the day of the ceremony. Here are some ways you can share out the hashtag news:

The engagement announcement. If you're a quick thinker, you might be able to incorporate the hashtag into your engagement announcement or save-the-dates.

 Trendy Engagement Save the Dates Hastag Engaged Generous Affection Save The Dates Wedding Hashtag FreeDrinks

Gifts for the wedding party. Most people do wait until the ceremony to start using their hashtag, but for even more fun memories, get the hashtag going with your wedding party. From bridal shower shenanigans to bachelorette fun, you won't want to miss these moments. Incorporate the hashtag into their gifts so they can get snapping right away! An easy way is to create personalized gift tags to attach to their gifts.


Invitations. If you want to give guests a heads up before the ceremony, add the hashtag details to your invitation. Or if you want to keep the wedding invitation traditional you can add an enclosure card to your wedding suite detailing your social media setup.

Day-of decorations. You'll definitely want to remind guests to use your hashtag the day-of, and what cuter way to do it than creating signs? You can DIY your own or even create adorable custom prints to put on display on your special day.

The cocktail napkins. Another easy way to display your hashtag during the reception is to use napkins. It's a practical and fun way to remind guests, plus you can order your personalized cocktail napkins in your wedding colors.

The wedding photo booth. If you're planning to have a photo booth at your wedding, you'll definitely want to see all those photos later. Depending on your set up, either have photos automatically upload or encourage guests to post using the hashtag.

Now you're all set for a well-documented wedding. Looking back in a few years, you will treasure these candid shots that capture the spirit of the day. Let the instagramming begin!

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