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Wear Your Belief, Proudly & Purposefully!

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Wear Your Belief

Stella & Dot Cross Jewelry

Wear Your Belief, Proudly & Purposefully!

This week has the potential of being a profoundly spiritual week for millions of people across America.  Not only did Jews across the world celebrate Yom Kippur, a day of atonement and repentance, a day reflection and meditation, Pope Francis landed in Washington, D.C and immediately began sharing his message of love for all. Today we sincerely hope that the Pope's message will remind us all, no matter our personal religious faith or affiliation, to find the courage to make our lives a blessing, today and everyday.

In this spirit of renewed spiritual commitment, we began to think about ways to reinforce our devotion. And since we are all about creating meaningful, beautiful, festive celebrations, we thought why not celebrate your religious & spiritual re-awakening and wear your belief, purposefully. Wearing a lovely piece of religious jewelry could serve as a powerful symbol and as a constant reminder of your dedication to making our world a better place for all. We think these Stella & Dot crosses, the Christian symbol of faith and love, with their innate simplicity and beauty are perfect for wearing all day everyday, by themselves or combined with fashion jewelry. And yes, all the featured crosses are very affordable, so treat yourself, and your friends, family members and anyone else joining you on this journey and wear your belief, proudly!

For our Jewish friends, Chai is the Jewish symbol of life.  Perfect for keeping your message of caring for all life in the front and center of your own life.

Wear Your Belief Chai Jewelry

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